This is my owner’s manual. If you want to get to know me, or trying but failing; this is for you.



1. Introduction

2. Book notes for “Please Understand Me, I”

3. Book notes for “Quiet”

4. Book notes for “Please Understand Me, II”

5. Book review of “A Look Inside a Rare Mind”

6. Book notes for “The Introvert Advantage”

7. Online INFJ sources

8. Sharing is Caring (random shares relating to how I feel)

A few things typology won’t predict/tell about me, even though a few are typical for NF’s/INFJ’s:

  • I require feedback/appreciation, especially at work.
  • I read only non-fiction, and usually only to learn.
  • I rarely watch movies, but love documentaries (see above).
  • As much as I revel in spontaneity, I usually preferred things scheduled and planned.
  • I was raised Catholic, but haven’t regularly practiced since age 17. I now classify as atheist.
  • Politically I usually say I’m very liberal. Progressive is probably the better answer.
  • Don’t lie to me or share my secrets!! (We’ll cover that more later).
  • I’ve been car-free for 10 years mostly by choice.
  • Single, never married, no kids, and highly likely to remain that way (also by choice).
  • More to come as it comes to me…


– Before I started my MBTI self-discovery, I wanted to explore why my cynicism was running so high. I began with checking out a book called “Critique of Cynical Reason“, but it was too dry and only read a few pages. Though this is a significant trait of my personality, it’s much deeper than just being what other perceive as negative.

– This is the first MBTI test I took. Most online tests are not as thorough as the real thing which you will have to pay good money for. It will give you a good base, but it’s best to read several online profiles to really unlock which one fits you best.

“Introverted thinkers; they suck when you talk to them sometimes..”

I moved the book notes to its own page.

INFJ links:

Here are some links finally. Ideally I want to have short descriptions for each one, but we’ll see how that goes…

I love the above image which I found on the Facebook group I follow. I noticed recently that when I go get coffee in the the VERY busy break room at work I do whatever possible to get in and get out. I’ll take the burnt coffee, less coffee, or even the rest of the coffee. Whatever I can do to shorten my chances of social interaction is ideal.

Sharing is caring:

Between the thoughtless words and the wordless thoughts
Between my plotless fears and my fearless plots
Between the parts of me I keep from you and the things that I’m just not
The center keeps on drifting
the music never stops

Don’t be angry
Don’t be sad, don’t be blue
And why on earth should you do what god wants you to do
when he’s got more than a few
manuals from which to choose?

And the sadness you have
is the love that you feel
trying to turn itself into something that’s real…

For all those introverts out there…

  1. flightyadventure

    Thanks for the referral!

  2. This is such an amazing page! Thank you so much for including my work in your list. I’m really honored. I find myself coming back to this page time and time again when I feel like I need to be understood. Thank you for creating this resource!

    I wanted to ask a favor. I recently wrote a book, based mostly on my original blog, INFJ Anonymous ( and am looking for other INFJs to review it for me. I would be so honored if you would be willing to read it and write a review! Please let me know if you would be interested and I can send you a free electronic copy. I would appreciate it so much as finding other INFJs is tricky (we hide so well, lol!).

    Thank you again for this resource page and for your time! 🙂

    • Thanks for the comments and offer to review your book. I’d love too. 🙂
      I’ll send you my email addy though INFJ’s are awesome or your website.

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