For those of you not from Cincinnati, or who don’t know me very well (or both) you may ask who or what is GoettaFabulous?

First goetta is what I’ll call a breakfast delicacy in the Cincinnati region. Some refer to it as a type of breakfast sausage, but it’s so much more special than that. I could describe it as perhaps a pork meatloaf since it most cases it’s baked into a loaf then sliced to be browned in a hot skillet. Despite there being several different recipes (and a few different names) it’s basically pork and/or beef, pin oats, and onions and/or spices. I grew up knowing it as ‘grits’ which I learned the hard way later is more commonly known as a cornmeal mush. Anyhow, goetta might be the closest thing to the perfect breakfast food, especially for a pork and Cincinnati loving bachelor that I am.

One of my first jobs upon my return to Cincinnati was working for a local business directory. I had to call all of the businesses in the book since we were adding web addresses whenever possible to the directory (thank you 2012). I was directed to be as efficient as possible which led me away from my natural personable self into a robot on the phone. This in turn led me to sound like an annoying sales guy which of course led to a lot of negative feedback and hang-ups. One of the calls to a certain west side restaurant told me their web address was get-a-life.com. I kinda laughed, made my note and moved on to the next call. When I followed up with my notes I realized it was possible they could have meant (given it’s Cincinnati) that it was highly unlikely, but possible, their web address could be goettalife.com. Low and behold, THEY WERE NOT KIDDING! (Upon making the link, I’m sad to announce the restaurant is no longer linked to the restaurant, but still exists nonetheless).

At the time out of principle (and money) I was biking to work. There is an ‘enclave’ /aka/ city (neighborhood) within the Cincinnati that never annexed called Norwood. There are some suspect things and people in this so called enclave. I don’t remember excatly what prompted it, maybe a car on cinder blocks, but I saw something oh so ‘ghetto fabulous’, and since it was shortly after the aforementioned ‘goetta’ call I just happened to place the two together..and wah-lah! I raced my bicycle home and made it part of my web image/identity/ every screen name possible. Goetta Fabulous was born!

This website was supposed to be , and depending on its evolution, goettafabulous.com. Well, there is too much developing here to focus on goetta (I have another outlet for that), but until then thanks for stopping by even though most of you can’t find this page….

I grew up in a cornfield in SE Indiana. The house I grew up in was less than six months old when I was born and nearly mowed down by a killer tornado when I was six months old. I’ve been running away from cornfields and tornadoes ever since.

Strangely, I’m nomadic and a weather geek. I should have (and perhaps still??) become a weatherman, but instead I prefer to type, edit, and do things on computers all day. I was surrounded by hills growing up, and I used to challenge them everyday in Cincinnati by bicycle. I managed to bike 5,280 miles in 2010.

I’ve lived in (gonna sound like a Johnny Cash song) Vincennes, West Lafayette, Greensburg, Fort Wayne, Anderson, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, and now Cincinnati. I’m of German descent, and I’m a Cincinnati German. I’m here to live the traditions here, because it’s going to be the closest thing to the real thing. I’ve been to Germany. It’s a beautiful place.

I’m a locavore, and have a penchant for good bread, beer, coffee, and pork.

I’m single, never been married, no kids, and cannot be leashed. I have nieces and nephews nearby that puts the icing on the cake of reasons to move back. I’m happy to be here.

For a deeper understanding please see the INFJ tab.

  1. I thought you weren’t gonna photograph musicians again? Hmm, well maybe that wasn’t you- a doppelganger, perhaps? A wry riff on the tribute theme? Just wanted to say happy birthday and that you guys are awfully fun. I seriously never open email- haven’t since july- I know- but to live outside the law you must be honest, so there’s that. If you come back to visit, text me maybe? 618/5210987. Looks like you’ll get a sunny afternoon for your birthday!

  2. Man, I don’t know you at all; just clicking through because of a shuffle through Bernie related tweets, but have to say “don’t stop kicking!” Cancer is having the tide turned on it big style and fast. In the meantime have a look here:


    Best of luck!

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