Monthly Archives: July 2016

That First Mile

The first step of completing a 4,000+ mile journey is driving the first mile out of town. A week ago that seemed impossible as I was literally dying at home. I was sleeping all the time, my legs were giving out, and I really felt alone. I turned the TV off and just listened and slept away to music feeling pressured to get up and go. Dishes was hard, laundry was hard, cooking was hard, and just trying to look forward and pack-up and go was daunting, but necessary.

A week later after finally taking the somewhat unprepared departure to the great outdoors I’m coming back with 6 more states visited leaving me with the two biggies; Alaska and Hawaii.

I was sick, tired, slow, and at times rather aggravated, but it’s done!

I have so much to write about with this experience. Hopefully I’ll get around to it soon.