‘Finding your joy’

I got the an opportunity to see my friend Jason perform for the first time in years and catch up a bit after the show. It was an unexpected splendid time just chatting over a beer after his set. We reminisced about the days in the Indy music scene and my photography days. After my sorting of old stuff I even dug up some old pictures of him from those days from my exhibits to share back. Though I pretty much quit photographing live music back in 2007, when I left Indy and departed for Milwaukee, I have been photographing some shows recently I think more of a to say “I still got it”. I shot not only Jason, but he now has the fortunate addition of his little girl joining him on stage. Time brings a sense of beauty.


Jason & Vera

When I mentioned and shared some of the photos I took of evening and mentioned about “still having it”; Jason mentioned about ‘finding your joy’. I think that has been such an important lesson for me in the past (nearing now 1.5 years since diagnosis!). Fulfilling what you want in life is what makes getting out of bed everyday a priority. Whether it be traveling, learning, sharing, teaching, loving, on so on, we all must (and I think most of us do) have a little fire in our belly everyday of what we’re working towards if it is subconscious. I believe it changes significantly through our life to as we evolve. What was important 20 years ago certainly is likely different now unless you had the foresight passion for something then that is still a work in progress. But as I’ve seen three sets of friends over the weekend for my Indy days that are joined by their children in each instance; it helps me define how I happy I see them and in a different light, but even watching others’ kids yesterday at a festival bouncing around beach balls in front of the stage and the energy, happiness, and care-freeness the bring to our lives.


Greg, Jack, & Kriss 


Joffy, Frankie, & Connie

We should take a lesson from them. Find your joy.


About jeffbedel

Indiana native that moved to Cincinnati in January 2012. Former trivia host, beer snob, foodie, non-conformist.

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