“Dance of life”

A number of factors, coincidences, and motivations fortunately have led me to this post for the past year. There are so many to mention so I’ll only actually highlight some of the bigger/more interesting ones.

My big trip out West last year left me with a few regrets, but the one that really stood out and ate at me from the moment I arrived home was the awe I still felt after driving through Utah. It was the biggest, and most beautiful unexpected surprise of the trip by far. I took my trip that week to take advantage of the free National Parks, yet by time I got to Utah I was already running significantly behind after getting lost in the Mojave Preserve and getting stuck in traffic on the Las Vegas strip. I passed all the exits to every National Park in Utah and couldn’t stop. Arches was the one I really wanted to see, and to add salt to the wound I noticed the one of my quarters I had lying aside for laundry once I got home had Arches National Park on the back. I needed to go back.

Of course re-visits seemed unwarranted when I had such a long state list left and swore not to do any re-visits until or was fortunate to have the time to do so.

This Spring, just like last, the state of Utah had to remind me over and over again about going back to visit the Mighty 5. I planned and almost bit one night to take that trip on a whim, but I backed down.

Since filing for disability I also learned that I could get free access to the National Parks and received my pass a few months ago. Now I can really put it to use. Also Ken Burns put out a documentary (the title of this post comes from a quote from the series) about the National Parks back in 2009 and PBS re-ran the series recently which got me even more motivated to get back out and get my last few trips/states off my list. Still, even with the generosity I received awhile back, I had to keep the ‘trip money’ for the Big Sky trip (planning that one in late June) and my hopes of finding a way to afford going to Alaska (late July hopefully). But in a nutshell I received an unexpected surprise and it opened the possibilities to make more happen this past week. My first thought; Utah.

The weather was perfect when I went through Utah last year so I was hoping to go again in late April as it will (or has) gotten much hotter by time I get out there next weekend. I know waiting could be way worse though, and well, I can’t bank on waiting till autumn or next year. No guarantees, remember!

So that is what is all my excitement is about. Aside from also beginning my treatments in Batesville and being able to attend and be closer to all of the treasures that matter in my life you may not find an overall happier person right now despite some critical transitions/unknowns I’m facing right now. I’m still very optimistic and confident I’ve got a long ways to go. Until then, I’m going to continue enjoying this ‘dance of life’.



About jeffbedel

Indiana native that moved to Cincinnati in January 2012. Former trivia host, beer snob, foodie, non-conformist.

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