Settling In

There was something significantly different about this move and finally, as of today, nearly every little detail has been meticulously put in place. What’s unusual is this is very unlike me. Every move for the past 15 years for the most part has been just moving boxes from one place to another and for the most part never unpacking. I live somewhere for a couple of years and repeat the moving process with a few more boxes than what I came with it. This over time made me evolve into kind of a pack rat and before I moved from Milwaukee to Cincinnati I actually made an effort to purge some stuff even though by time the day came to actually move it was still a disaster.

Both of my apartments in Cincinnati had a wall/s decorated with boxes. I usually only unloaded the essentials when I moved in and rifled through the boxes when necessary if I needed to locate something. My last place even though I had a storage unit was still dotted with boxes; mostly full of crap.

Since I was diagnosed it has been on my mind since about assuring that nobody would have to be burdened by having to move all my stuff. Fortunately did I get to put if off for a long time, but was fortunate enough to move mostly under my own power to one more place. Despite spending a week sorting through and purging six 30 gallon cans of  crap my load out with my bro-in-law’s assistance was still a bit of a challenge. The load in is always easier and my other bro-in-law and sister came through and got my final collection of crap into my new place. I knew coming in I had a ton of storage and the new place was nearly double the size of my old place. The first night all I made sure that was done was that everything needed to make coffee the next morning was located. Other than that I was wiped out and slept on the only thing flat and intact, besides the floor, my futon for a whopping four hours.

The next morning I met with my dad briefly, had to go sign paperwork, wait for the cable guy, and other than shuffling a few things around I left for the weekend to spend a couple days mushroom hunting, sitting by a bonfire, playing a little baseball, and drinking a bit. It was great, but again my stuff was still just sitting all over my apartment.

Sunday I finally returned to the new place and took a few strides and seemed a bit refreshed. I tackled little by little and the same approach continued into Monday. I was excited about Monday because was of my main motivations for returning to Batesville was to spend more time with my nieces and nephew. I wanted there first stop in to be half ass presentable and had done a pretty good job by time they arrived mid-afternoon. By time they returned on Tuesday even they noticed the significant difference in my progress. Only a few boxes remained. I haven’t napped once, aside from dozing off a bit while watching the Reds before heading to bed, since moving and I’ve continued to be pestered by perfecting my new space and unpacking everything. In the past week I’ve actually created a home for what feels like the first time. It’s visitor worthy. I even bought a new set of chairs, lots of beverages, and the only thing missing is family and friends. I obviously feel really proud of my accomplishments in the past week.

At the same time I feel like my motivation is ‘finality’. Every time I move somewhere I never feel settled. I know this time it’s my last move. I won’t be re-packing this stuff. It’s time for me to enjoy what I’ve collected over the past 20+years that tells so many stories and transitions I’ve been through. It’s been a fun little trip down memory lane in the past week.

The move has meant I’ve had to work on some logistics as well. My dad and sister especially in the past week have been great about helping me get around to some errands and having some company for a meal or two. Most importantly though is getting my medical treatments and such coordinated. I got thrown for a loop today. I was trying to coordinate my follow-up in Cincinnati and my next chemo treatment on the same day next week since Batesville won’t treat me until I meet with the onsite oncologist (a couple weeks out for an appointment). Then, much to my surprise/shock, I was told by UC that my treatments under appeal by my insurance and won’t treat me until it’s resolved. All of a sudden I’m a cancer patient being denied treatments??!! Shortly after learning of this development I got a letter in the mail that I was approved for Medicaid effective May 1st, so I contacted Batesville again to see if there was any way my appointment with the doctor could be moved up. I’m on a cancellation list. Best they could do.

I’m kinda freakin’ out that I haven’t been receiving full treatments anyhow because of my counts, and even though some time for my platelets to recover is certainly a good thing, my greater concern in not getting the chemo to keep the cancer in check. Hopefully everything is resolved in the upcoming week.

In the meantime now that I’ve been to the point of obsession of getting my new apartment in order I hope I can shift my focus back to reading and writing. Only other problem might be all the new exploring available to me in such a small town. That can’t last for long, right? At least the chili I found today will keep me interested in food for awhile. Damn!

Now that the seasons are becoming more favorable and my big leap has been made; traveling has begun to itch at me in a serious way too. Hopefully my state count will be back under fire in the next month or so. I’m certainly ready!



About jeffbedel

Indiana native that moved to Cincinnati in January 2012. Former trivia host, beer snob, foodie, non-conformist.

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