Leaping into March

Before going to bed last night March had already arrived and I gleefully turned the page on the wall calendar. It’s bordered in green with St. Patrick’s Day and a bunny coming up. I felt really good about this. Besides, I thought last year was supposed to be the ‘year of lasts’.

Since my last post I’ve teetered on the edge of success and exhaustion fighting my low energy from my low blood counts. I was able to have a fun Saturday night in Newport watching several bands supporting the Bernie campaign. Despite falling into exhaustion on Sunday I mustered to go out with my family on a visit to Eli’s for still the BEST BBQ and tossed baseball in the warm February weather for the first time this year. Then it was back to sleeping and sleeping some more.

Monday I finally had a follow-up appointment that was important because this time I had a laundry list of issues to tend to with my doctor. I went home with another prescription and paperwork signed for a procedure/hormone that ‘tells my bone marrow to make more blood’ though one of the risks is death. I had to sign this form in case we had to take this measure that I understood the risk. Along with some iron supplements to help my body heal and get more oxygen into my system, only time will tell if I can bounce back again on my own. Otherwise extreme measures and/or a transfusion is in my future.

So my next lab/chemo treatment is on the 9th. I’ll find out then where my numbers lie and what’s next. It’s getting more complicated, but I needed answers and adjustments needed to be made. Most of those were met yesterday.

Today, just the idea of walking down the stairs and a half block down the street seemed daunting. Yeah I made it there and back, but damn. Unless I’m steroid or beer powered (like Saturday night) I’m pretty much zapped all the time.

Hopefully the adjustments this week will begin to benefit me and I’ll be back closer to my ol’ self by the weekend. First though I need to make it through the Super Tuesday coverage tonight!

But hopefully I can get some reading done before then without sleeping.


About jeffbedel

Indiana native that moved to Cincinnati in January 2012. Former trivia host, beer snob, foodie, non-conformist.

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