After further research I’m not as queasy about the prospect of having a transfusion if and when that occurs. Seriously if I knew it would make me feel better right now I’d gladly take it. I’ve felt horrible the past few days. Yesterday was exhausting as I took it upon myself what turned into a four hour trek by bus just to get groceries and lunch. Today I was hoping to go out of town for the day to take care of some business in Batesville and visit family for a day, but that fell through and I’m sort of glad as my energy was zapped today. I haven’t and will not go anywhere today. Hopefully I’m more spry tomorrow as I have plans tomorrow night that’s going to need a little boost to get me through the long evening.

In the meantime I’ve been scooping up more political junk from the tube and trying to read a little book that is giving me fits to finish. Writing (even this blog post) is difficult. I’ve just been in a difficult and strange place this week. To be honest, I feel rather abandoned and like I’m living in a foreign land, even in my own apartment/building.

I hope the doctor as a lot of answers/solutions for me come Monday. Lately my appointments have become pretty routine and non-dramatic, but I feel like this one will be a game changer as I seem to have problems coming from every direction. Adjusting is getting harder, and it seems the emotional ones are the ones digging deeper now.

Another month has ticked by SUPER fast. SCARY fast. Another month without some answers I need. Stability that I need.

I’m looking forward to March though. It seems the Winter blinked by and didn’t deliver much of it’s grip. To be on the brink of blooms and buds and warm Spring air though brightens my perspective right now. Some Sunday plans are coming together and it gives me a reason to smile, and yet, it’ll still be February.

February. <– (Do you remember trying to write that correctly for the first time?)


About jeffbedel

Indiana native that moved to Cincinnati in January 2012. Former trivia host, beer snob, foodie, non-conformist.

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