The Presidents

While reading, politics, laptop repairing, and writing has taken much of my time (not to mention the sleep) I was having a conversation over the weekend with my nieces and nephew mostly about the first five presidents and saw an American Experience documentary on the assassination of President Garfield. Being it’s President’s Day week it reminded me a of another documentary I tried to watch in its completion back in 2005, and downloaded a a couple of years ago from the History Channel (when they covered, you know, history).

The Presidents

This morning I found myself researching the early Presidents on who were born as British subjects, the first that wasn’t, who was the first born in the 1800’s, and then I moved on to the latter Presidents and their SCOTUS appointments.

Yes, I’ve always had a fascination with US Presidents. Hopefully I’ll be able to get through this long documentary in its entirety since I have more time (it’s not boring in my opinion, just long).

This is why I’m so interested in all of the hubbub that comes in an election year. It’s huge history in the making. Yes, it’s probably sliced and diced more every year than previous, but, I love it nonetheless.

I was born during the tainted Nixon administration and lived through the Ford administration as well though I remember neither. I do remember most of the Carter administration and beyond. I don’t remember the Reagan/Carter 1980 election all too clearly, but I remember the Reagan landslide in 1984 and every election since more intently every year. 2008 was the biggest and though I was excited about the outcome I was saddened that the great Tim Russert, who had even more passion that I did about these elections, never saw the outcome as he died unexpectedly in July of 2008 four months before the election. I miss that guy.

Of course I’ve thought about him a lot in the past year and still this year as me making it to November 2016 isn’t guaranteed for me either, and 2016 seems just as important if not more. The people are still craving change and change candidates. As we hope to move closer to that change pendulum, the money and those who control will do everything in their power to keep the status quo.

I agree, fortunately, that both sides want change candidates even though their paths are significantly different. But I think as long as Americans as a whole demand it, we will be for a better and closer to a more just country. And that would hopefully make the founding fathers (Presidents 1-5) a little happier.

[On edit]: Some extra love for our 3rd President


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