Perfect little weekend

The winter is my least favorite time to travel since the weather can be so unpredictable and always seems to leave me in a race against pending snowstorms. Originally this was supposed to my a weekend in my apartment after a couple of crazy weekends. But, though a pending snowstorm was on the brink today I made a quick trip back home to deliver some laptops I had to work on for my sister this past week. The snow wasn’t supposed to show up until after noon on Sunday, and for my good fortune, despite some conflicting forecasts, it held off until I got the rental car back to Cincinnati.

My weekend, though short, was grand. I made a long overdue stop at Smelly’s in Metamora for one of their homemade bread encrusted paninis. My other motivations was to buy a few items from their gift shop and obtain some coffee from the ‘snobs’. Everything, including once again the conversation, was worth the stop into this incredible little place I feel so at home. I was also going to write too, but, that didn’t happen.

I made a visit to an aunt and uncle, and then baked and ate pizza with my dad and nieces and nephew. We then watched the Republican debate with the later addition of my sister and husband. It was quite fun.

Sleep came and went and my morning was met with my ‘valentine’s’. We had a big breakfast and played on the upgraded laptops till I had to head back into the winter for my trip back home to Cincy. Upon arrival I was so tired.

But, despite missing that snow on the road I knew it was still coming to my window and the nap I needed has been delayed by the now falling snow. It’ll be the priority until night falls and the snow fades from my sight. No football today or the next six months of Sundays. It’s just me and my window, until I leave.

Though connected to my outside world via this machine my eyes are now fixated on the flakes. I guess since I can’t keep my eyes on two different things I’ll have to split my senses and listen to an audiobook. It’s a perfect day to be facing such a problem.

[on edit:] Then I fell asleep.


About jeffbedel

Indiana native that moved to Cincinnati in January 2012. Former trivia host, beer snob, foodie, non-conformist.

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