I couldn’t get to the coffeeshop soon enough Saturday morning. Despite only having a few hours sleep I awoke with two things in mind. Coffee and writing. Two things happened in between though that I forgot to mention in my blog that morning.

One, I had been reading about the five planets being visible at sunrise last week. This is somewhat harder for me to experience in downtown Cincy, but waking up at my dad’s made it easier, and never expected to be awake before the sun rising. I enjoyed the moment before getting into the car and driving away. The next thing was the surprise in the east. The beautiful crescent moon accompanied with Venus just to the right. I got to watch it all the way to Batesville. It made me so happy.

By time I got my coffee, muffin, and settled into the cozy couch I had forgotten about my sky treats as they were not in my sights anymore. I didn’t realize till later I had omitted that part of beauty I appreciate. I guess my previous night/day filled with so much emotion/fun that it was bigger than than the heavens.

The remainder of my weekend was spent with family. Lunch and breakfast with dad. That may be the most important thing to me anymore especially since we get to share politics so much. Lunch was much better in that category perhaps because we both had a couple drinks. Breakfast on Sunday I was a little more blank for some reason. My mood, or something was just not awake. Still, it was time well spent.

Aside from the cookie pickup on Friday the other motivation for the trip was watching the Super Bowl with family. We not only partied the night before, but most of the day on Sunday. Heck almost everyone was gone at halftime. But, the food and company was outstanding so no matter who won we were all winners. Plus I was asleep before midnight. That’s another win after a long weekend.

Depending how I feel later I’m thinking about taking on some Mardi Gras festivities across town. Hopefully I can get there early enough and back early enough to soak up the New Hampshire primary news. I’ll be enveloped in that in the next 24 hours. If I couldn’t get jambalaya in Louisiana I had better get some in Cincinnati today. That’s what I made on Sunday by the way for the Super Bowl. Smoked sausage and salad shrimp for the win. Yums.

From my snowy window to yours have a great day!



About jeffbedel

Indiana native that moved to Cincinnati in January 2012. Former trivia host, beer snob, foodie, non-conformist.

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