The book exchange

They mentioned the winter weather advisory on the news earlier this morning and I was reminded again a moment ago so I thought I had better peek out the window as I wasn’t sitting in my window. Well, all be darned the biggest snowflakes/blobs were just pouring from the sky. So I crawled up into my window to enjoy the view.

I was very preoccupied with some things. One, is the ongoing process of getting disability settled, and second trying to fix my sister’s old computer dilemma. I had a Mac repair person over this morning to swap some displays on some Macbook’s. In short that was a wasted paid house call as one tiny inverter was different on the two models which nixed the whole deal (except for paying the guy an hour minimum, dangit). It was a effort/job I didn’t want to tackle as it looked a bit too difficult in the iFixit guides. Oh well.

After another glorious weekend with friends and family I’m settling back into my comfort zone. Though I’m supposed to fill my calendar with stuff to look forward to, I’m rather happy about the nothingness. I did play around with making some basic plans with my “Big Sky trip” last week. But most importantly I need to get back into book writing. I may also take another trip to Indy in March to make up for my shortened stay over the weekend.

Speaking of books there has been many passing through my fingers and my ears (I’m currently in the middle of my first audiobook) lately. The good news is that it seems for every book or e-book I share I seem to get at least one of more books back. This weekend alone I sent a book to Indy I mentioned previously about all the origin of names of Indiana towns. I brought home Killing Lincoln and another memoir I’ve been wanting to read since it was recommended awhile back, Tuesdays with Morrie. In the meantime aside from the book I’m trying to finish, I have at least three other books to read. This has never been a problem, and I suppose is a good one to have.

Reading, writing , and learning has made my what you think would be long days, so fast. My days seems so short. I’ve been given the incredible gift of time despite being given a shorter life. The word that keeps going through my head is ‘maximizing’.

Though the books are taking a bit of my writing time I still have to remember that it was really one book and author that inspired me to write my own. Who knows what might change in just a few books time. I hope this turns out to be a good week in the writing category. In the meantime it has stopped snowing and I need a nap.


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Indiana native that moved to Cincinnati in January 2012. Former trivia host, beer snob, foodie, non-conformist.

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