Sometimes I plan things months in advance. Sometimes I just show up and see what happens. Sometimes picking up Girl Scout cookies turns into a day filled with love and wonder.

The winner of my annual order of Girl Scout cookies went to my cousin Bill & Tiffany’s kids in Indianapolis. So in a roundabout way I planned a trip to Indy over a cookie order. Unfortunately the return on investment was to spend more time with them, and all I got instead was about a 30 minute chat with Bill and you know, some cookies. I’d gladly trade those cookies for another 30+ minutes of chatting, but you can’t have everything you want sometimes.

But sometimes the treasures we’re surrounded by has to be shoveled, picked, and earned. Sometimes they just pop up like daisies.

Yesterday my trip to Indy was started rather abruptly as I overslept. Priorities kicked in. Shower, packing, breakfast……nope. I had to get on the road to Indy without ANY sustenance to make it to class on time.

Class? Yeah I got some. Sometimes.

All jokes aside I did have a class to attend. Another cousin, Dr. Carl, is a chemistry professor and I wanted to see him work his craft. I let him know in advance and he was kind enough to send me the reading material. And just like the good college student I used be, and tried to be for a day, I made sure I read the material and not absorb it. But, I arrived on time and not only for the first time in my college career did I get to bring my laptop to class, but I texted Bill, made lunch plans, read the headlines, and ate donuts!

College these days is so much easier than I remembered it back in the day of notebooks, pencils, and hangovers.

On a serious note, Dr. Carl ate donuts too. He also introduced me to the class as an author & beer connoisseur. The class probably was thinking, ‘yeah you brought your twin brother to class you never told us about’. The class was really interesting, and the students were mostly attentive. I even participated (looking forward to getting my report card) in the discussion.

Since I still at 1pm had not eaten any protein, solely relying on Long’s donut power, I had to get food (and make my cookie stop). What’s a good lunch without some friends? So my productivity during class led me over to the East side for a long overdue stop to the Steer-In. It’s an old drive-in restaurant that always stirred thoughts of nightmare-ish greasy spoons. It was nothing like that and more. It was an excellent restaurant! I met my friend Jason (I lived in Indy for 5 years so I was in re-uniting mode) to share the experience. I had the glorious breaded tenderloin with a side of Vera, Jason’s toddler. Between her antics and our conversation I forgot about food, but the joy of catching up. As always though, too short. And I forgot to have pie.

I made my way back to campus for the promise of beer and checking out some kind of $300,000 proton analyzer thingy. We went to the lab, drank beer, collected some enzymes, and played around with science. Enzymes are fun, er, I mean beer is good. But we knew that already.

Sometimes though an adventure isn’t complete unless you get to go to Strawtown. Dr. Carl and I were so excited about this idea that we raced across two counties to get there. I won by 90 seconds. Eat my dust, Dr. Carl! Actually Dr. Carl lives near Strawtown. He has a wife and kids there. We tried to eat, but between the dog and kids filled me with so much entertainment that I forgot why we were at the table. Bad jokes were told, balls were wrongly exchanged, but the most important thing is nobody was severely injured or died in the matter. A successful meal was achieved from what I gather.

Despite the warnings I hung out a bit longer where the biggest casualty nearly occurred.

My hat. You know. MY HAT! It was taken from its pedestal by one of these little worms and I heard a crack. The plastic in the bill of my hat snapped. A 10 year old hat I thought had finally met its demise. Fortunately it looks OK. There was no crime in Strawtown on this night.


Worms. 🙂

Before any thing else could be destroyed except for the slow, but certain, destruction of Dr. Carl’s house I had to go. At 10pm the night was young.

I headed back down to the bright lights of Indy to see a couple college friends. I had seen Mike recently at Freudenfest, but Missy and I had been separated for around 10 years. We met at a brewery. Typical, but dangerous. In short, we were together for only 90 minutes but to gauge the conversation v’s drinking I only had one beer!


As they departed you would think my night was going to be over too. Nah. It was midnight for goodness sake! My other friend Mike was just down the street watching music. I wanted some music too only to arrive with the venue closed already and Mike nowhere to be found. Well dang. In my old hometown with no place to go. I had planned on staying overnight so I could have some more stories and shenanigans to tell, but alas I was satisfied and my dad’s was only an hour away. I opted to cut my weekend in Indy short, and head into the night.

I arrived about 2AM and went to sleep almost immediately. I did make enough noise to shuffle my dad out of bed. He went to the bathroom but never poked his head around to corner to say hi. I said goodnight from afar as he shuffled back to bed. I awoke 4 hours later before he got out of bed. I left to get coffee and tell you about it from a coffeehouse a few miles away.

Sometimes you just need to get away.


About jeffbedel

Indiana native that moved to Cincinnati in January 2012. Former trivia host, beer snob, foodie, non-conformist.

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