What happened to the news?

This is one of those things that has been bugging me for a LONG time, but really haven’t taken the time to air it out. Coming from a news junkie that still remembers giants like Cronkite, Brokaw in his heyday, and even the days of local news having some credibility it saddens me that most major news networks and local newscasts are full of fluff and simply unwatchable.

Even though I have the good fortune of having access to MSNBC, the NBC crap does infiltrate the cable news network a bit with too many SNL, Fallon, and other nauseating crossover clips. I can understand the economics in this, but I still find it annoying/unnecessary.

And when did the networks start putting the “millions affected” mark on every severe storm that criss crosses the country. For example, 86 million people are in the path of this weekend’s winter storm. I’ve noticed this for the past year or two. What’s up with that/these figures? I find it odd and useless information.

Not only did that re-trigger my buttons, but then a piece was done of the sexism against female presidential candidates such as Bachmann, and Clinton, and Fiorina. I’m sure it is harder in a lot of ways, sexism or not, in regards to garnering respect in a male dominated position. I’m not denying that at all. But because of outfit changes – like four a day – makes it harder. That’s when my WTF? meter went off. (I can’t find the video I saw the other day). So the paradox in question of who is at fault for that? Who is to judge or who requires a number of outfit changes at pressers/rallies/etc throughout a long day on the trail? Is it their choice in order not be judged, or are they obligated to avoid being judged? Who made a big stink on TMZ one day that a candidate wore the same clothes all day? It just baffles me so I digress.

On the flip side Bernie Sanders does not a own a tux, and will refuse to change that if elected President. He will still pardon turkeys per People. Tuxedos are stupid, yet are still worlds above bridesmaid dresses for the record.

OK I feel better now. But I’m not done.

I did find this nugget on Wikipedia this past week (as I mentioned previously I’ve been on Wikipedia, a lot): Junk food news

I call it and others refer to as pandering to the “lowest common denominator”, but it does delve into the term regarding sensationalism and  “predictable categories” such as:

I can understand the stock market, at least the daily update before the commercial which seems to be the minimal coverage. Now the box office thing drives me nuts and not because I don’t give a shit about movies. Every year box office records are broken simply because, duh, movie prices keep going up so any blockbuster is going to break the record almost annually. What about butts in the seats? What IS the record for the most attended movie ever? I never heard that statistic. And the even leads into the next point. Is the network/station making money for promoting a movie instead of course reporting the news. Movie and TV show promotion, especially out of network is not only irritating, but should be saved for the multitude of programs that only report gossip and, well, box office numbers and the overblown idolization of celebrities. The news is no longer sacred.

Local stations are the worst, especially at times like today when they can give their complete coverage to SNOW!! There are fires, shootings, and other significant news stories, but the dedicate their whole newscast to standing at the salt dome. The snow has credibility now because you’re at the salt dome? Then they have reporters outside scattered about the city to tell you and show you cars moving along the streets and highways! Groundbreaking! Then, please, send us your pictures of your patio and pets with snow on it. Who the fuck gives a shit?!

I used to somehow dedicate my mornings and evenings with local news. Now I watch almost none, and pretty much follow one independent news source on Twitter that actually reports when actual news happens, unlike the non-stop streaming of all the news outlets in the city. It’s terrible.

This is probably why I keep going deeper in searching for alternative news sources like RT. I read awhile back the reason why major network news is all fluff and suffering is because they closed their international bureaus. I remember during the cold war of always getting a report for Moscow (ironically). I think NBC is the network that still has some international reporting in their broadcast, which is mostly Richard Engel from the Middle East. It’s too costly to have international bureaus and cheaper to report the fluff. This is what happened to the news and we can’t stop it, fortunately we can turn the channel as the world turns.


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