As I finally began to settle down to write this I found myself surprised and wrapped in irony with all of that has come at me and tried to absorb in the past week – the past 24 hours especially.

After yesterday’s blog I found myself alleviating some distractions and apparently just getting lunch was one of them. It’s weird how much comfort can come from a simple meal topped off with a can of condensed tomato soup. I felt at ease. I parked myself back into my window and everything flowed and I began writing a couple more chapters of my book. As usual, almost effortlessly. I rarely had to stop and think about what I wanted to say. The only thing stopping me at times was my laptop for whatever reason just stalling. Here is my mind and fingers flowing in unison and I can’t do anything for seconds, sometimes seemingly minutes while the beach ball spins.


The biggest challenge though suddenly facing me is being inundated with information at no fault but my own. The number of pages and people I’ve begun to follow on Facebook and Twitter has exploded in the past few days and my gaze has been distracted by all of the updates and juicy bits I can’t seem to no only walk away from, but continue to expand this net ever so bigger.

I think part of this started when I found out why Ed Schultz moved to DC over the holidays. I listen to his podcast daily and he hinted about moving to DC, but not as to why; an announcement he kept putting off. Finally, he announced he was moving back to prime-time TV. Excellent! The caveat is that it’s a small news network called RT (America). I had no clue what RT was. Well kids it has come to this; I’m now watching Russian television.

And even though his show doesn’t start till till next week I’ve watched several programs (I stream it) and now follow many of the reporters/hosts from the network. Of course the haters (ignorant) regarding RT says that Big Eddie has gone “full commie” (The Daily Caller) when the last time I checked the USSR dissolved in the early 1990’s. Yes, though RT is a Russian state sponsored network I see it no different than the BBC. Yes, Putin has some bad policies and made some questionable moves, but it’s news without the US corporate media bias for example not being able to discuss the TPP without getting kicked out of the network.

So RT is just one thing. New music keeps infiltrating my being via WNKU and youtube. And more avenues to find and gain inspiration continue to confound me. Yes, one book fails, but then another list interests me. I read about ISBN and memoirs in regards to publishing. This leads me to Thoreau’s Walden. I download a public PDF to read (I intended to read it this afternoon, but I’m blogging instead). Then I found this:

Via Brain Pickings (HT to Brenda Knowles)

Now I have to buy that because there are 126 holds on it at the library!

Then I peruse Wikipedia about random things and find myself reminiscing about my trip to Bamberg nearly five years ago. The cobblestones shaking baking trays, beer, shutters, and live 80’s bands in grimy clubs.

It just doesn’t stop unless I’m writing.

In the meantime today is the best I’ve felt in a long time. I have some aches I think from just a shortage of inactivity and sleeping too long. I don’t feel like I’m sleeping too long as even though I lie down for bed early most of the sleep is broken up by watching a show here and there, perusing Facebook/Twitter creating this non-stop vortex that I’m trying to point out. It was ironic when I found this via another blogger last night or early this morning (aka/ when it was dark):

Debrief Daily

I circle the world with swipes and taps.


I’m not sure if there is a cure for this, but if it enriches my life in some way by just massaging my brain or helping me find comfort along the way by learning and finding all the inspiration I can acquire to enlighten this journey I’m on then so be it.

Everyone succumbs to finitude. – Paul Kalanithi


About jeffbedel

Indiana native that moved to Cincinnati in January 2012. Former trivia host, beer snob, foodie, non-conformist.

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