Life’s window seat

I watched the forecast last night and the radar early this morning with anticipation. My snow was going to finally fall in my ‘window’. As I awoke before the sun lit up the courtyard I couldn’t really see how much, or even if the snow was falling. As my mind picked up speed from my slumber I remembered my current bus pass expired today, and I had to get breakfast, and groceries, and getting cinnamon rolls tomorrow would require activating another bus pass. I’m trying to make them stretch (I received them through work) and the only thing I ‘have’ to do by bus is get to chemo/doctor.

So, the next thing you know my window sill was left empty by my immediate departure after I confirmed with the coffee shop all the way up in College Hill was going to hold my roll order for 2 hours (to avoid paying them in advance over the phone). The hoops I have to jump through to feed a craving (sans raisins).

An hour later I arrived, was given my rolls, a bottomless coffee, and a couch seat by the window. It wasn’t my window, but probably a better view to watch the snow blow through than home. Everything is stellar at the College Hill Coffee Company. I’m looking forward to going back as a tantalizing backup to the Mercantile Library if I need a change up in my schedule (or need cinnamon rolls).

After a two hour stay I jumped back on the bus as the roads began to deteriorate a bit. While I was waiting at the stop I saw a car up the street rear end a truck. I saw on my Twitter feed about a pile-up out towards the Indiana state line. My sister’s boss’ wife was nearly sucked into the may-lay. Slow down everybody.

The view from the bus as we traveled down Hamilton Avenue was beautiful and made the trip well worth the abrupt departure into the snowy foray.

I did no writing this morning, but sanctioned most of time to continue reading a book, Until I say Good-Bye. The parallels to my own demise and the author’s ALS diagnosis along with her mother’s diagnosis/battle with with pancreatic/liver cancer (I haven’t read far enough if that was defined) nearly left me in tears. The read is enthralling and moving quickly. I’m looking forward to finishing the book even though I know the ending is heartbreaking.

Another debacle my abrupt departure left me without this morning was my meds, and being a day after a treatment without my anti-nausea drugs isn’t a big deal until it hits you you need them now and you’re SOL until that bus gets you home. With nausea you have to stay ahead of it or it’s hard to get in under control. As my stomach got queasy and my head got fuzzy I was really getting worried. I took ’em as soon as I got home and I seemed to have dodged a bullet.

And right away I realized I still needed to get a few things while I had bus access. So after a short visit at home, back out I went to get some groceries before finally getting back to settle in for the day. Man, so much for that quiet day in the window.

Finally, given the Bengals pathetic performance, I will not be traveling for at least two weeks. That might be the longest span since I can remember. Unless the weather doesn’t cooperate or I find better music options while I’m down that way I hope to be getting my Deep South states off my list the last weekend of January. Four nights of music in Memphis, the Bayou, and Nashville if all goes well.

One last thing I wanted to mention as I was reading or contemplating in general this morning as I’ve been constantly listening to music lately. Aside from family and friends, the thing I’m going to miss the most as this thing called life passes by is music. Between the old favorites and being presented with the constant new stuff that comes your way day after day, it’s always refreshing, comforting, and keeps me sane. Thank you to all of the musicians out there (near and far, friends and strangers alike) who refine their craft and share the love and messages we share or learn from everyday. It would be a far less livable place without it.


About jeffbedel

Indiana native that moved to Cincinnati in January 2012. Former trivia host, beer snob, foodie, non-conformist.

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