Not just an INFJ, but a HSP

Gifts of Being a Highly Sensitive Person

I’ve read most of these over my research in the past year or two, but there were a couple points in the list I either wanted to reinforce or was new to me. The new one(s) that jumped out at me, or at least defined me so well are:

(To thrive)

12. Establish independence and a strong sense of self and identity. HSPs have a strong need for independence as they abhor feeling trapped.

16. Discover and cultivate intangible containers as well as tangible containers. A tangible container, such as a home, a car, a library or a person are places where we feel safe and can relax. When we know we have containers that provide sanctuary, we find more strength to go out into the world with all of its stimulation. Intangible containers can be found in each of us, something that nobody can take away from us: our faith, our creative mind, spiritual meditation, etc.

When I first read this I was like what the hell is a intangible or tangible container? When I read the definition I quickly understood and know why now finding my ‘snow window’, the Mercantile Library ‘gift’, or going to The Smelly Gourmet in  Metamora for example are so important to me.

Points I would like to reinforce even though the list covers them all quite nicely:

4. Good at tasks that involve observing minor differences. Scientists, detectives, caretakers, parents, teachers, psychologists, etc. (I love proofreading, troubleshooting computers, and filling out forms that require important details.)

7. Prefer conversations of substance, philosophy, feelings, struggle, and dislike idle, pointless chitchat. (I noted recently I need to seek more of this.)

19. Tend not to share openly with just anyone. Colleagues or acquaintances may not understand this behavior and may label HSPs as aloof, arrogant and/or cold. Ultimately, it comes down to not wanting “to play politics”.

20. Group brainstorming and team projects are not as productive as you feel stifled and limited.

Of course in my past experiences some were able to pick up on these traits (gifts) and helped me/us succeed by taking advantage of these. Unfortunately though my gifts in many cases were overshadowed because it’s more important to be social than be productive. And well, that sucks for everybody involved.


About jeffbedel

Indiana native that moved to Cincinnati in January 2012. Former trivia host, beer snob, foodie, non-conformist.

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