My writing took a bit of a hiatus over the weekend. When I take trips ‘home’, especially 24 hour trips, not much time is left to write. Watching football pretty much took the biggest allotment. One of the gifts was being warm enough and feeling well enough to toss a football for a little while with Max. He caught some hard passes, and tried to break my fingers off with some of his kicks. Other than a little mud it was well, one of those gifts.


Gifts have been very common in my life lately mostly in receiving and few passed on from me. A few more of note have really shined in the past few days. First was getting the membership to the Mercantile Library via Reba. That one just resonates. And her gifts keep on giving as she recommended a book to me called Until I Say Good-Bye. It’s by a woman who was diagnosed with ALS and her year of joy knowing her body was going to slowly give up on her to the point where she couldn’t even be able to hunt and peck her way to finishing the book. I got to read a good portion of it today as I was in the chemo chair. But other than the gift of recommendation, the example of her book was a gift not only to her family and friends, but a way to relay her message of how to grasp your time and make the most of it. I know I write about this to nauseam, but it cannot be overstated. Don’t wait around to do all those things and have to squeeze them into a short undetermined period, start now where you may have an ‘average’ lifetime ahead. I’m glad I didn’t have to read her book to get motivated, but found it inside me fortunately.

Another gift came unexpectedly over the past 18 months evidently. I was up in the middle of the night this morning watching the reports develop from hoax to reality that a legend of our time had really died. He died! How does David Bowie die?! I went to sleep nearly assured that the rumors were becoming facts, but I was hoping I would wake up with it being a big terrible joke. Nope. It was a big horrible death that cancer likes to take credit for. But he also grasped the inevitable and decided he needed to create one last parting gift to ‘us’. Like, I know this death thing is going to hurt me more than it does you so here is one more piece to remember by to soften the blow. And he did it so well. His last, and 25th, album was released just on Friday, January 8th on his 69th birthday. It’s almost like he wanted to have one last album and one last birthday, and was ready to fly.

I’m on the brink of doing the same thing as far as creating some memories and gifts to leave behind. Many memories of course have been made in the last year and it has been fun sharing my travels and other shenanigans with you. My photos, blogs, and other means of making this past year something amazing has been no small feat. But I’m far from finished. Soon with the recent inspirations, like above, will be catapulting me into my biggest endeavor ever, and I hope the gift I create will have just as much of an impact to those whom surround me and beyond.

One last thing of note in the ‘careful what you ask for’ category. There was a bit more snow this weekend than was ever predicted. Though only a couple inches or less it was enough to kind of throw a wrench into my weekend. First I had to drive it in, and made me miss my bus from the airport to downtown which results it over a 75 minute delay. Being late by a minute or two caused that. And once I got home, football trumped writing. So no window writing/reading/meditation/etc on the first opportunity. More tomorrow though so I might be able to snuggle in for a little window time. We’ll see.


About jeffbedel

Indiana native that moved to Cincinnati in January 2012. Former trivia host, beer snob, foodie, non-conformist.

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