Harsh reminders

I tried to return to some of my first loves last year while trying to capture the most of my time. I could list a number of what those things are, but the one I’m going to focus on is watching live music. I’ve become rather jaded about not only the bands/genres I choose, but also where. I’m not doing this for any kind of cred or be seen, but to get the maximum amount of enjoyment from the experience. Besides, I’m sometimes not just giving my time, and sometimes a generous cover, but it seems the obligatory drinks that go with it. It’s a commitment to walk/travel and then usually pony up a pretty good bar tab. During a very busy phase last summer I frequented the Southgate House Revival in Newport, and it got to the point where the cost and enjoyment of the beer I purchased was not worth it. Fortunately they offer premium sodas there so upon my next visit I was going to turn to that alternative. But, I never returned.

Another part of accepting this commitment is dealing with this faux ‘rock star’ culture bullshit. Sure when I was younger and partying all the time I didn’t notice it so much while I was burning the candle at the both ends. But now I’m super aware of it. I can understand building a little anticipation if you’ve made it to the big show and let people stand around and get antsy awaiting for you to come out and play. Sure, you’ve earned it, I guess. But this ‘oh we’ve sound checked now we’re going to disappear for 20 minutes’ while the night is getting later and later is bullshit when you’re not even a band, but a couple of pieces of one on a weeknight. Cut the crap. Play your set!

Another example was this past Wednesday night. I hadn’t been to MOTR in a long time and two bands were set to play. One I had seen at Southgate last summer and were one of the five best I saw in 2015, Miss Tess & the Talkbacks. Also on the bill was Al Scorch who has played in Cincy quite often, but kept missing. Perfect. I’ve been looking for something to go out and do once a week. The show times for band 1 was 8PM. The second, 9PM. Ha. I knew better. Why in the hell bars opt to have them so start so late I’ll never understand, but even though I had a feeling the music wasn’t going to start till 10, I gave the actual listed times v’s the ‘rock star’ times the benefit of the doubt and arrived at 9 thinking even if by chance they started early I would only sacrifice all or some of the first band. Nah. I should have went with my first instinct and arrived at 10.

Though there was no cover I’m still trying to save some money. Now, I had not drank beer at a bar in months, but I opted for some cold weather porter/stout for the evening. My first beer waiting for the rock stars to play cost me $12! Oops. They had a beer tasting that night and I picked the grand prize. It was also 12%! Oops again. It was good though, but I’ve rarely had a beer that was $12 good.

The show was well attended, at least for the first band, Al Scorch. I went into another, cheaper beer to offset that first one, but still going in deeper still both money and alcohol wise. I really enjoyed the band, and even got to the chat with the a couple members of the Miss Tess band early on. I mentioned to them depending on when I go south I may see them in Louisiana. Anyhow the band finished up, and right away the second band didn’t mess around setting up and get ready to guess what?; PLAY!

The switchover couldn’t have been much more than 10-15 minutes. In that period of time though the crowd thinned a lot. Did the band hurry because they are professionals or did they feel the sweet spot of trying to play at the maximum amount of people before the all left to retire for the night were gone, because by time they were halfway through there set the place had pretty much emptied. They finished at 11:45 to maybe a dozen people. “Thanks for sticking around”; Miss Tess says as they begin their last song. I think she even mentioned understanding it’s late and people have to work, yada, yada.

But they shouldn’t be in that position. Is it the band or the bars that dictate when to start? Maybe if they started an hour earlier they would have maintained a better audience, or maybe Al Scorch has a better local following and it was too late to stick around and see an unknown? Either way, it was too late.

I didn’t really have the opportunity to stick around even though I’m only about a 25 minute walk if necessary, walking has become the less preferred mode of transportation for me as my legs have just slowed down. I was drunk at this point too. I caught maybe what was the last bus, and was home by 12:15.

I lost Thursday/yesterday. I had some bakery ordered in OTR, across from MOTR ironically, and awoke to take another little bus trip across downtown. After a short visit to grab some groceries at Kroger I was away from home for a little over an hour after simply falling out of bed. I had my cinnamon roll and a double dose of coffee, and oh man…the hangover set in. Man I hate that feeling. Yeah I did my share of partying over the holidays but my drink choices were not beer. Maybe that’s why I’ve been avoiding it.

I couldn’t focus nor could I sleep. I was a cross between caffeinated and an unfocused mess. I couldn’t write nor could I read. Plus it seemed my anxiety kicked back in as I did read some information in regards to one of my conditions that worries me significantly. More unknowns again just seem to keep upending my well being. Then later in the evening I remembered what the good doctor suggested to me the other day and the latter part of my evening was much calmer and I ate a lot.

My eating has been better. That’s the key there. Monday’s weigh in may reflect that. 🙂

In regards to this week being critical, the biggest unknown of course was settled (at least temporarily) on Monday, yet a lot of others I’ve been working on this week are not. The pieces are moving though. Action has been taken or will be. My duff may be stuck in one place a lot lately, but my mind has been doing a ton of work. Its not been quiet.

Speaking of quiet, I am in my new escape place and it’s obviously fruitful as I look down below and see the word counter at well over 1,000. Thanks again to Reba if you’re reading this for granting me this special place. It will be utilized.


About jeffbedel

Indiana native that moved to Cincinnati in January 2012. Former trivia host, beer snob, foodie, non-conformist.

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  1. As a musician in his late 30s, I am with you on the late start times–I don’t want to stay up any later than I have to. Sometimes, bands will stall to let the place fill up more, but an hour is way excessive. I guess it depends on the bar, but start time is usually left up to the band. The bar management might step in and say something if you take too long, though. I just try to start on time, if not early, because I am excited to play and it’s the professional thing to do. And, if there are people there to see you, you owe it to them.

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