Another Top 5

I was going to write briefly this morning about ringing in the year yet already the never ending interruptions of violence has filtered into the New Year in what is supposed to be World Day of Peace as well. So I opted to digress into another Top 5 list I found before it got away from me.

Via Tim Larison (via retweet)

His number 5 pick/review was definitely a favorite of mine that I didn’t review myself, but did lead me to meeting the author (who now conveniently lives in Cincinnati) and getting a signed copy to share.

Reba Riley’s Post Traumatic Church Syndrome wasn’t the book and message I was expecting by far, but something much better that made me appreciate accepting my own path that is correct for me. And that is the most important thing in the quest of finding the importance of love, healing, and spirit in your daily life. It’s within you, around you, and it’s up to you to enlighten and share it with others. We must be comfortable with our spirit, and no one should, ever, point it out to you as being  ‘poppycock’.

With that being said, I really like Tim’s review wrapped up in the following paragraph:

Will her version of spirituality work for you?  Perhaps, but that’s not the point of the book.  Rather through her honest sharing of her own doubts and struggles, Reba encourages the reader to find his or her own answers.  To not be afraid to ask questions.  To explore. “Rejecting someone else’s version of reality isn’t the same as creating your own,” a friend tells Reba along the way.  Like Reba, I’ve moved from following the religion of my youth to creating a spirituality that does work, and I feel reading Post Traumatic Church Syndrome will encourage you to do the same.

If anyone wants to borrow a copy of my book, let me know.


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