Feeling calm

The extra time off this month has been mostly fruitful. One of the things it has improved most is my mood because I had mentioned previously it has allowed me to slow down and not go at everything at a phrenetic pace. I’m always trying to squeeze in it seems an hours worth of activity in a number of minutes. Things usually don’t turn out well in that scenario and trying to enjoy Christmas in the past has usually been the number one time of year where this seems to bring out the worst in me.

This year window shopping was enjoyable, going to Target was easy, walking around in Kroger in the same aisles over and over again was not laborious, and the biggest surprise once I brought home my Christmas stash from a long trying bus ride I did what seemed to be the impossible – I wrapped all those gifts with barely a profanity or wadded pieces of paper, or worse, flying in all directions. It was almost, ummmm, blissful?

Usually it’s gift bags, or better, like like year, all envelope worthy in the gift giving arena last year just to avoid the usual Christmas meltdowns. Even then they seem to flare up. It’s ridiculous.

I still have to grab the Christmas sleigh on Thursday and pack up all this stuff via the airport shuttle or rebound back to my place to get all this stuff home so not all hurdles have been jumped, but it’s looking like a great start. I have the sleigh for 4 days and may actually get away briefly during the weekend to Indy.

Like last year, I’m feeling generous because again I don’t know if I’ll get another chance to spread some Christmas cheer. I may even put a chorus together. 😛


About jeffbedel

Indiana native that moved to Cincinnati in January 2012. Former trivia host, beer snob, foodie, non-conformist.

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  1. another enjoyable post! sounds like you are all ready for Christmas and to celebrate with family.

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