A Great and Noble Occupation

It sounded really weird this weekend when my bro-in-law, Kurt, asked me about/if I was retired now? Recently I went on leave with the possibility of, yes, permanently heading down the disability path. Still I didn’t think of my recent move in this manner for two reasons, one, if the rest I need over the next month brings my blood pressure down, my rage episodes subside, and some of my other side maladies regress (and my cancer numbers/markers don’t jump on me) I may return to work. The other reason I don’t see it as ‘retirement’ is my extra time if I don’t will be dedicated to writing, coaching, and maybe even some volunteering if I’m able.

Writing is an occupation, a ‘great and noble occupation’ to be exact. Nothing has brought me as much joy and calm over the past week to dedicate an hour or so to drop some thoughts to share. I want to continue that, and I still have the book giving me an itch. I’ve just done some light outlining thus far and lots of pondering. I’m still not quite ready to jump in the deep end yet.

The coaching thing is a new development. Coaching can come in the form of many things. One, my friend Amanda, and likely some others maybe, want some photography coaching. Personally I still think it’s an innate talent, but there are some basic things that can help the most novice photographer become better at the skill. Amanda for one loves my composition. The best way I can explain that in words is to find your corners. I’ll leave it that so I don’t write a book right here.

The other development, the aforementioned Kurt, would like me to spend more time with my nephew Max since he can’t with his business taking most of his time especially in the summer. He realizes I can’t help him much in football besides throwing him a football because I don’t know a lot about line coaching. But in baseball he asks that all Max needs is a 100 pitches a day. If/when I move to Batesville which is possible in the next six months I told him that could be totally doable if I stay healthy of course.

What an honor.

Many changes are ahead. I just hope I have a lot of time to roll with them.


About jeffbedel

Indiana native that moved to Cincinnati in January 2012. Former trivia host, beer snob, foodie, non-conformist.

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