The Fray

This week’s goal has been to remove myself from the fray, and yesterday it kind of hit me in the face of how sweet it is. I’m always in a hurry, I’m always trying to save time, be on time, and I tell you it sucks life’s pleasures right out of you. With my unexplained rage especially in the past year, and with my blood pressure going up in the past couple of months (correlated it seems with even more rage) I took myself away from going out so I had less chance of having these responses. I’ve been living off the deli on the corner, and only went out for groceries a couple of times (the second time because the first stop didn’t produce what I needed). I could have gotten by without the second stop yesterday but I needed to get out of my apartment as I found myself pacing. It was a glorious walk.

I didn’t walk at a frenetic pace as usual. I took my time in the store. I window shopped on the way back. My mind was open and allowed creativity to creep in. It was simply fantastic.

I planted the seed in yesterday’s blog post, but the walk and that chance for the creativity to creep in has set the title and basis for writing a book. I’m excited. It’s going to happen!

This week I hope has been a success and my weekend stays calm as well. I am renting a car for the weekend for music and shopping in quaint historic Metamora, and of course time with my family. I need to keep it cool through Monday to see if my ‘do nothing’ for the week helps or hinders me in my labs. I’m also giving the green light for a CT scan for next week in hopes of not only maybe locating a reason/source for my swollen leg, but to assure/calm me that nothing else is going awry inside of me. I still have no pain in my back, but maybe my liver and/or lungs are under attack. I don’t want to know, but not knowing isn’t going to help me either.

Other than that everything is falling into place. I will need to get my ass back in gear next week to get some things in order, but that’s to get me in the right place for opening the treasures that are before me, the biggest one being time. I cannot let anymore of it pass carelessly, yet I can’t go trying to squeeze it into a bottle either.

I gotta go….


About jeffbedel

Indiana native that moved to Cincinnati in January 2012. Former trivia host, beer snob, foodie, non-conformist.

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