As far as abbreviations go, that does not mean Las Vegas Hotel (I wish it did).

I had to look up it up. It means ‘left ventricle hypertrophy’. It’s more of a growth or marker for cardiovascular diseases typically from high blood pressure.

Even though I had to make calls this week, and I had already thought my echo didn’t show any ‘abnormalities’ per my head nurse, I finally got the results in my email today. Though the case is mild I’m still kind of alarmed about this development, especially after my continued reactions to the stress I’ve been going through.

What stress? Really? The transitions, the unknowns, the role changes at work, my journey into the abyss of not working and going on disability, all the sleeping, having difficulty getting normal things done because of all of these things. Add a weekend of travel with short amounts of sleep and dealing with terrible drivers and directives (and a TSA agent who puts the ass in hassle) in Florida I’m surprised that I didn’t nor have been killed already via stroke.

Can I have today off? Can I have tomorrow off? Can I just finally relax?

My blood pressure was running BELOW normal, usually about 110/60 for a better part of the past year. Recently though it has gone up significantly, last reading near 140/90. Not terrible, but a jump nonetheless.

Since Monday I had the protein test, an echo, chemo, the disability transition, the chemo rebound/blackout, and managed another whirlwind trip this time among all the other little life things that has got in the way (like someone hijacking your hotel reservation or expecting you to do a little more despite this).

The good news is this in regards to LVH: “The enlargement is not permanent in all cases, and in some cases the growth can regress with the reduction of blood pressure and controlling excitements or emotions strictly.”

Ah, ‘controlling excitements or emotions’. That sounds about right. If I can eliminate my stressors I can get back to normal. I need time. I have A LOT of stress believe it or not. I hope, after I resolve some immediate issues this week ,to FINALLY begin to let TIME heal some wounds.

As I tell people in a nutshell (in regards to stress) I’m trying to push a half a lifetime into a few short years or less. It’s not easy. I don’t expect it to be. But please, give me a break.


About jeffbedel

Indiana native that moved to Cincinnati in January 2012. Former trivia host, beer snob, foodie, non-conformist.

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  1. Understandable with the stress. Keep pluggin’. Yeah it’s got to be weird going on disability and whatnot but it sounds like it’s the right move.

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