Do your job

We are a bunch of slackers, admittedly myself included. Even those of us with great work ethic and are efficient above our means all have had those days when we may have let something slide, wait till the next day, and so on. Still, it varies by the job too. Some of us have jobs that require making difficult decisions and could potentially change the lives of others that depend us.

Some just have to pour some fucking coffee.

This morning was still a jolt despite my 12:10 PM flight. Since I still required more sleep from my chemo rebound last night this morning I still had to pack, but I also wanted a decent breakfast too. I needed it. After I figured the “airport time” I needed, and checked the airport bus schedule the next thing you know I had to be rolling by 9:30?! Damn. I had my alarm set for 8. And to squeeze showering, packing, and breakfast in? Shit.

Fortunately the packing was minimal and haphazard given the number of trips I’ve taken over the past year. I figured 45 minutes for breakfast and catch the bus. Easy peasy.

It was. I was done with breakfast by like 9:10 since it came almost immediately after ordering. It wasn’t the best breakfast (I was craving a fried egg like mad since Sunday), and the coffee was much to be desired, but it was what it was, good ol’ bad diner breakfast.

Since it was after 8 it was slow and the little cup of coffee that could wasn’t going to stand a chance against my breakfast, but the supplier of the coffee decided to have a conversation for 10+ minutes with other ‘workers’ while I had no water or coffee back behind the pillar. I managed to finish off my crappy breakfast sans drink. Finally she came with the pot of coffee as I had finished my last morsel. At the point I told her it was too late. She told me I should have asked. I told her I didn’t want to interrupt her important conversation.

I don’t get it sometimes especially when you are relying on tips that you can just go into la-la-land and just forget about your customer (I was the only one at left her counter). I’ve see it happen all too much anymore where they get lost in their phone or some other distraction and they just simply stop working and ignore their customers. Maybe this why I quit going out? Maybe this why I have quit trying to depend on others or just deal with people in general. I’m constantly disappointed.

Since this blog is public again I could go into a rant of grand proportions about that, but for now I’m going to try and chill for the rest of my time in the airport and try to enjoy my weekend. Hopefully the aircraft staff isn’t slacking today.



About jeffbedel

Indiana native that moved to Cincinnati in January 2012. Former trivia host, beer snob, foodie, non-conformist.

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