The Parade

I’m within a couple of hours  an hour of watching the Macy’s parade for the first time since I was in NYC. While I was in Manhattan I was looking at familiar street sides from watching the parades in the past. Now I can look at the reverse perspective. I’m still going to bitch about focusing on all the terrible music and celebrities.

I shed a lot of tears before, during, and after my party last weekend. The during ones strangely were about my visit to NYC. NYC was one of the many experiences I’ve lacked in sharing in the past couple of months, but I’ll give you the short of it.

The day of my trip to New England was not full of excitement – quite the opposite actually. I was dreading it. First I had to work a few hours that morning. Then my flight was delayed. That in turn pushed me into rush hour in DC, darkness up the NJ turnpike, and so on. But that was just delaying what the root of my concern was – driving to and through NYC. Even though the map of the city was burned in my brain I still didn’t know what to expect. Google had routed me to enter in through the Holland Tunnel since it was most direct to my hotel, but I opted to head through Staten Island into Brooklyn so I could enter Manhattan via the Brooklyn Bridge. Even though I had hopes of walking the bridge as well I wanted to drive over it in the event I didn’t have time the next day which unfortunately was the case. I only saw it again from afar in the rain the next day.

Up till this moment on my trip that day I had not smiled. That changed when I had my first glimpse of New York harbor and saw that iconic skyline. For something you only saw on TV and movies it just doesn’t seem real until you finally press your own eyes on it. Between the buildings across the harbor in Brooklyn I could see the Statue of Liberty lit up too. But seriously, I was overjoyed the remainder of the night as despite being tired I found the energy to walk the streets and avenues of Midtown till 2 in the morning.

I truly got to experience the city that never sleeps by not sleeping. Well, I did manage to get five hours sleep in my West Village hotel before walking the south end of Manhattan before traversing to Connecticut and beyond. It was incredible.

So today will not only be different in that regard, but just like a missing building(s) in the fabric of a city skyline; our family for the first time will be missing something in equal grandeur on this holiday – My Mom.

We/she knew it was going to be her last Thanksgiving. At one point during the day this thought overcame her. It was heartbreaking. Today as I have the good fortune of being here given I thought that last year was my last as well I have much to be thankful for – in a word – life.

Smile today for what you have around you. Smile today because what surrounds you will help carry you beyond your capabilities, and make your dreams come true. Many of my dreams have come true this year. Just being here today is one of those. Everyone should be thankful if that’s the only thing they have.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!! 🙂


Stolen from Pranci


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Indiana native that moved to Cincinnati in January 2012. Former trivia host, beer snob, foodie, non-conformist.

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  1. Hi Jeff, I do not get much time to read all your blogs, but every time I do, I feel sadden, but grateful you are still with us. My life is so consumed with my two kids and step kids. Reading your blogs helps me stay positive about life, because I been dealing with depression for approx 20 yrs. It is not Cancer, but a disorder that will not go away. It started when I got married to my kids real dad, and he was abusive in any way possible. He lost custody of the kids approx 5-6 yrs ago. But reading your blogs reminds me that things are so much better in my life, than what you have to go through. You really are a hero in my eyes, just seeing all you been through. Please stay positive during your holiday season and remember your nieces, nephews, sisters, and dad need you! You are loved by many and your blogs help people, like me….thinking I could be in your shoes. Many hugs coming your way and ty for sharing. I hope to get to Cincy soon, and let me know when you do move back. My son will be back to school in January. I hope to see you before then. My daughter has a connective tissue disorder, that only Cincy Children’s can deal with, because it’s so rare, and that is on the 18th. Let me know if you will be available then. Keep staying positive. And ty for any encouraging blogs, especially what you deal with day in and day out. I could not imagine.

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