Dammed up

I feel like it’s the night before Thanksgiving, but it’s actually a night short of Wednesday. Given I’ll be already in the pre-glow and smells of the holiday tomorrow night at ‘home’ that means tonight my biggest preparations are being made. Laundry’s done, and a few other things I need to pick off my list are mostly done, except for packing. This year has been perpetual un/packing which I very grateful for. It’s usually just switching stuff from one bag to another with a set of fresh clothes being the only addition.

I’m going through a very difficult transition right now and I’ve not been feeling well over the past week as many know. Despite the HUGE highlight of my party this past weekend I’m tired not only physically, but mentally. I’m horribly frustrated about seemingly everything. I get mad at every little thing. The only place I hold it in is at work which I’m guessing is really unhealthy and unhealthy is what I am. The first step of making change is recognition, and well I’m on my way.

The stories, experiences, worries, changes, and everything else that I’ve been sloshing through over the past month/year is just waiting to burst on so many levels, but time is one thing that is firm, constant, and is not the battle, but the war I/we all fight from birth to death. I want my fair share despite not getting the ‘normal’ frames.

My goal, “if all goes well”, is to put it on my side, to make it my ally, and charge. The first sight is on that dam holding up that lake and to blow it to pieces so it can burst and create a river to run to the ocean of life.

Get your trusty raft/dingy/boat because the rapids are about to go bright white.


About jeffbedel

Indiana native that moved to Cincinnati in January 2012. Former trivia host, beer snob, foodie, non-conformist.

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