Not enough time….

I was pleasantly surprised that when I stopped posting on Facebook I made up for it here. I was saddened that I pretty much stopped posting here when I returned to Facebook. Now I can barely find time to express in either place. Not enough time to release here, but needing to say too much for a truncated Facebook post. 

One of my wishes I’ve shared lately was just having a moment to read a book. I’ve been so caught up with the little time I’ve had to read articles I’ve saved on Facebook or the few shows I watch (mixed in now with football and playoff baseball). 

This was weird to arrive at my hotel at early evening instead of 11 pm after all these crazy trips of late. I fell asleep early, and have woken up early despite having the luxury, finally, to sleep in. 

Another factor of my lack of posting is my laptop is currently not portable. This means I actually brought a book and I’ve been reading for the past hour. But, it hit me. I had a second dream about my mom, the first happening right before my New England trip. The first time she was very animated. This time she was kinda sitting in a cold stare. Either way it was thrilling. 

I miss her lots. I wish she could see me flying around making the best of what I’ve been offered. 

But though some admire me for my bold travels all I really want right now is an undesirable winters day stuck in my readers nook with sweats with nothing but a book, ok, and coffee. And breakfast. I’m really hungry. 


About jeffbedel

Indiana native that moved to Cincinnati in January 2012. Former trivia host, beer snob, foodie, non-conformist.

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