Today was about something big(ger)..the ocean

After a failed attempt in April, partially leading to the motivation to coming out to the west coast again, a significant goal was reached today – the Pacific Ocean.

Long before I got in Meghan’s car though to trek across the Golden Gate Bridge (another amazing achievement) I took another long exploration of the city on very tired feet. Not only tired feet, but with even more weight atop them. I forgot about Meghan having a car today and I left her place with my 50-60 pound backpack (yes, my 4 days worth of clothes and shit).

It was no big deal at first. I walked about a block and a half down Haight Street to the Pork Store Cafe and had two pork chops, two eggs, hash browns, toast, and coffee. Boom! What an excellent breakfast. I then caught a bus from this west side neighborhood to the outskirts of downtown where the cable cars are. Oh yes. I took a cable car ride to Fisherman’s Wharf and there is where I finally saw the Golden Gate Bridge from a distance. I was happy about that, and explored the Wharf area for a bit. Really, the bad thing about the place for an example is there is a large Applebee’s. Why in the great things of all fuck would you come from wherever you may be from and still go to Applebee’s. There is fucking fresh crab from the ocean you can look at across the street. I enjoyed going to the pier (not Pier 1), but I was like hey I’m here and got the fuck’s out. Besides, I thought I was short on time and needed to get back up the hill to explore Chinatown.

Chinatown is a grand experience. The shops whether it would be for groceries such as smelly fish, or the multitude of vegetables, spices, and the like. Or the ones full of trinkets, kites, cheap shit, expensive shit, touristy shit. Or, all of the restaurants. It was common to see an employee or owner walking around outside their eateries with a menu to lead you into their domain. It was very busy, but not chaotic, and just – so – fascinating!

I didn’t buy anything there or anywhere else on this trip for that matter for “memories” sake because what’s the point. It’s not like I will be able likely to reminisce for years to come about this trip or the others to follow. I will have the photos, and sharing is not only the best gift I will have to myself as a reminder, but to share amongst everyone for a souvenir.

Meghan ended up picking me up a couple hours later than initially planned so me and my backpack just kept finding the will to walk. It seems hard, but again when you’ve come over a 1,000 miles and beating cancer along the way it’s a piece of cake. I saw the Bay Bridge and simply kept walking towards it. Inevitably I reached the bay east of downtown and took in the sites there. I was exhausted. I had done at that point 14.5 thousand steps WITH the backpack.

Meghan picked me up and she took me across some of the steepest streets I’ve ever encountered across town to the Presidio before crossing the GGB finally. Though it was foggy it was immeasurable in grandeur of actually crossing that bridge. It’s so equally iconic and beautiful.

From there she took me to Muir Woods. Up the windy 101/1 and then through the windy mountain roads we finally reached the preserve of Redwoods. To add to the mix some much needed (even if it was really light) rain added to the majesty of this forest. Simply vast and serene. Loved it.

Are you tired yet? I am.

Back down the mountain we went to Muir Beach. There, finally, me and the Pacific Ocean met. It was love at first sight. The smile on my face was bigger than I thought possible. Though it was cloudy, I was the sun.

After splashing around in the ocean we went out for an early dinner and a beer at The Pelican. It was an English style pub so far out there cellular service doesn’t exist. They do have wi-fi! Ha!

Back to San Francisco I got the other perspective of the GGB coming from the north which is even more spectacular, so I got to cross it twice! Back through the Presidio again we traversed along the ocean side of San Francisco before finally coming back to her place for some much needed rest. We are going to get ice cream yet, and have to make it down to the airport, but as of right now I’m almost to the same number of ridiculous steps I had yesterday. So by time I walk to get some late dessert and through the airport, yesterday’s number doesn’t stand a chance of beating today’s crazy number.

But yes. My feet HURT.

I’m due to leave SFO at Midnight for a 4 hour flight to Chicago. Then after a couple hour layover I should be arriving in good ol’ CVG at 10:30 AM EDT. The sad part is I’ll probably work that latter half of the day. It’s OK though. I feel so mentally refreshed even though physically I’ll be ready to sleep in my own bed.

Time for ice cream!!


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Indiana native that moved to Cincinnati in January 2012. Former trivia host, beer snob, foodie, non-conformist.

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