A stroll around the neighborhood

San Francisco day one is in the books. Once again I took my share of pictures, the fog probably kept me from taking a significant number more, and I’ll collectively post them again later. Just too tired again.

And for good reason. I’ll save you and myself a screen shot once again of my phone pedometer, but I walked over 26,000 steps today (roughly 11-12 miles)! After arriving in the famous Haight neighborhood where I’m staying with my friend Meghan, she basically told me to save the big adventures for tomorrow and just get a local flavor of the neighborhood today. I was just supposed to walk down the hill, and then back over to Golden Gate Park. Well, I kept getting distracted by landmarks and the sort on my phone (like The Fillmore) and getting further and further away from home base. Aside from a bus ride to save my feet as I mentioned before I walked seemingly the entire west side of San Francisco, yet I never saw the Golden Gate bridge because of the fog (though I did see the very top of it from the flight in).

The fog and cold comes in sheets here. Never saw anything like it. Those misters you see on hot days at events is kinda what it is like except it’s random. You’ll just be walking along and a cloud of mist will just roll up and hit you.

I saw lots of cool/classic architecture, saw lots of hippies, had some coffee to ‘warm up’, a burrito, and really overall a great experience once I got my bearings in the city. Tomorrow I’ll be getting beyond the city a bit and finally get to the Pacific Ocean (I came about 2 miles short today instead of 200 back in April). It’s hard to believe though that after tomorrow will I not only have another chance to explore this area even further, but my trip to the west coast will be over. Damn. 😦


About jeffbedel

Indiana native that moved to Cincinnati in January 2012. Former trivia host, beer snob, foodie, non-conformist.

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