Seattle – Washington – state #28

I’m currently awake enough to write a bit about my day, but tired enough not to fuck with adding photos. I didn’t think that this trip was going to have enough photos to warrant its own album like the SW trip, but I just chatted briefly with my friend/host in San Francisco and it sounds like we are going on a few adventures. The photos may quickly multiply.

Initially I wasn’t going to hit Seattle. Vancouver, Washington was conveniently located across the river from Portland so that made it easy, but quite a few people I talked to told I MUST visit Seattle. After the fact as a whole I’m not sold, but in regards to my last past about Mt. Rainier; it was the highlight and jewel of my Seattle experience. It just stands out so majestically when you’re out in the Puget Sound (where I spent most of my time). I took a ferry ride out to an island, had dinner, and then took a sunset/twilight trip back to downtown. Once I got to downtown the underground tours were over already which was disappointing, but I actually walked more steps today, by a LOT, over 19,000! So once that was nixed my feet just wanted off the ground. Yeah, there a lot of old cool bars and such, but again, no interest in beer. Now, there has been a street party going on outside the hostel and it STILL going strong. I have the windows open since there is no air, but it is loud!!

Oh well. I have to leave at or before 7am to catch my flight to San Francisco. California is already counted after my Mojave Desert experience back in April, but I’m looking forward to the Northern California beauty and culture that awaits.

Overall Portland was kinda weird in a good/profound way. Seattle is kinda weird in a not so pleasant way. Even though I’m feeling a little road weary, I’m really looking forward to San Francisco (and finally the Pacific Ocean) tomorrow and Monday!


About jeffbedel

Indiana native that moved to Cincinnati in January 2012. Former trivia host, beer snob, foodie, non-conformist.

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