The end of beer

I have a few “to be continued”‘s to finish (That Monday, The Bellwether), but I think I have enough time to talk about another significant development; the end of beer?

6 months before I was diagnosed there should have been an intervention as I lost my appetite for beer. I had no idea at the time why it was happening, but having cancer anorexia was a pretty bad reason. Fortunately my taste and love for beer took a pretty decent, but not full, comeback. Yet, I’m not sure what happened recently if it’s another sign of my cancer making a significant comeback, the contributions it may have had in the breakdowns I had about a month ago (especially “that Monday”), or if it is a combination of things, but simply, the ‘thrill is gone’.

The breweries that I so loved that post on Facebook and Twitter I mostly ignore. New things come out and I shrug my shoulders, and I go to parties and even take a night out-of-town across the country and I prefer to drink pop/soda, and coffee.

So it’s nothing personal or spiritual (of course) for my decision that a huge part of my identity of being (quoting my friend Ginny Tonic) a ‘prominent beer guy’. It’s just my emotional and physical health among other things I don’t even understand myself at the moment just doesn’t care anymore.

I wanted to make this announcement/blog before I went and just unlike/follow all of those breweries that I even have a lot of friends connected with from Facebook and Twitter (especially MadTree). It’s just unwanted noise for me now, and I need to make room for all of the other things that interest me now. I CANNOT seem to keep up with all of the information I’m trying to absorb lately or unload in this case.

Will I still have a beer in the right environment/occasion? Maybe. I’m not ruling it out. But festivals/releases and the like are probably in the past. I just don’t care.

Do I need an intervention this time? Maybe. But probably for other things than my aversion to beer.

Till then regardless of what I have in my hands, cheers!


About jeffbedel

Indiana native that moved to Cincinnati in January 2012. Former trivia host, beer snob, foodie, non-conformist.

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