“Frank, call me”

Bill Maher has become my voice even though he’s on super premium HBO. That’s good though because he isn’t censored a lick there. It’s live and he has the freedom to just speak the truth without a filter. He, like me, is also a former Catholic that turned atheist. One of the (many) reasons I first denounced my Catholicism long before my Christianity is because of the views of the church. How we are taught (brainwashed) to love unconditionally unless you are [not going to make a long list here]. For the first time though since my departure of the church, I have much respect for the leader, a/k/a The Pope, for his views on a number of issues including climate change (income inequality, among others, is another), and agree with Maher liking the Pope more than some Catholics.

At the same time I still wonder why Santorum was even brought onto the show? Maher typically in every show has at least one conservative leaning guest on the panel to either ridicule or just mix things up a bit for argument’s sake. It certainly makes the show more entertaining. But, was it Real Time’s producers idea to have Santorum on to mock him, or was it Santorum’s campaign so desperate to get any kind of airtime, given that no Republican candidate can get exposure anywhere else, because of Trump’s domination in all markets and networks?

Either way or a combination of the above, I’m glad Maher got yet another chance to make a fool look like a fool.

[On edit: Progressive/liberal Bernie Sanders continues to reference Pope Francis]


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Indiana native that moved to Cincinnati in January 2012. Former trivia host, beer snob, foodie, non-conformist.

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