The Struggle

Is this just more INFJ stuff? Yes, but not really. This blog post I found today via a Facebook group that I’m in was like somebody exploring my brain and writing a report about it. It’s crazy accurate!

I hate when people say ‘This’, but this!

Yes, I’m doing the whole ‘woe is me” shit on Facebook, but I realize my political junkiness is out of control. Plus, what the fuck good is it to tell people where you are when people really don’t gave a shit where you are? Maybe I’ll only post on FB when I arrive at my apartment each time. I’m really fucking tired of the oh I miss you, when are you going to be home next?, when are you blah blah, blah, and when I make an effort the only thing I find is a fucking cricket farm I want to buy?

I’m trying to celebrate the end of my life, and I truly want to share that with people. I’m trying to squeeze in a lot, and admittedly too much. Do you realize most people celebrate the end of someone’s life standing around said persons dead body? I’ve been to a funeral all to recently and it the farthest fucking thing from a celebration. Don’t celebrate my life when I’m dead, WE have the opportunity to celebrate together, NOW. But you have priorities. I get that. Some things, like ‘church’ for example, will be there next week though. I may not.

I’m in FEAR in how much I’ve been sleeping lately and other things that are going on with my body. I haven’t seen my doctor recently, but I do hope I’m just freaking out. Hopefully with my next lab and/or follow-up my mind can be put at ease a bit, but still even if everything is fine, the statistics are still stacked against me.

For the record, that dead body everyone likes to stand around won’t be happening with me. That was decided 7-8 months ago. Your chance to celebrate is now. Let’s party!


About jeffbedel

Indiana native that moved to Cincinnati in January 2012. Former trivia host, beer snob, foodie, non-conformist.

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