More walking

At the corner of Rose & Rose

At the corner of Rose & Rose

Before I was diagnosed, and likely my biggest red flag something was significantly wrong with me, I lost 50 lbs. without really trying! Near the end I was losing around 5 lbs. a week! The biggest struggle at the beginning once I was trying to get my ‘cancer anorexia’ reversed but wasn’t gaining anything with some serious effort. When I started gaining a pound or two here and there it was a big win. Well now, over 6 months later I’ve gained half of the weight back, 25 lbs! This is actually in my opinion too much, and mainly because I had about a 7-8 pound increase alone in the past two weeks. My professor/chemist/consultant threw the numbers out there that I was consuming an excess of 500 calories a day to obtain such a number. Wow. Now given that I’m enjoying my gluttonous diet I have to give in somewhere, and that would be more exercise. I really thought running around tossing baseball for a weekend would keep my weight maintained, but I was wrong. Too much Graeter’s I guess. So I prescribed myself even more walking. An advantage of pushing myself to more walking as I opened myself up to more exploring to some areas of near downtown. Last night I walked west, and the reason for that walk was to reminisce about the nights where my dad brought me and the family to Reds games. One of the things I remember given I was a map geek was paying attention to the route we took getting downtown. I’ll always remember my dad making sure he didn’t miss the Freeman Avenue exit. From there we got lost in a dark and towering area of warehouses. I’m uncertain if we were on 2nd or 3rd street (the street running west), but I remember parking up to or near a dock, then taking the long walk to the stadium. The first time I set my eyes on the lit up Riverfront Stadium from the west was my ‘Rudy’ moment when his dad first set his eyes upon Notre Dame stadium. Given that the stadium sat above a raised plaza, it just stood out like a mountain. The area I walked by last night has changed tremendously given that most of that area has been torn down to make way for Paul Brown Stadium, more parking, etc. Longworth Hall is still probably the closest thing that reminds me of the area 30 years ago. As I walked by Longworth Hall, I jumped off my planned route as I saw a really old building. I took a few pictures of what used to be a marble supplier.




The above was actually on Mehring Way. The following picture caught my eye, as it was the yard that joined river and the trains to move the goods we use everyday.image5

I really enjoyed this walk and opted to go for another tonight. I didn’t take any pictures as I was inundated with heavy rain through most of the 2.3 miles. I walked mostly through the Betts-Longworth neighborhood which I’ve visited a few times before. The walk was supposed to have been longer up further into the West End, but once again mother nature has not been pleasant this week.

I’m looking forward to my holiday weekend. Tomorrow is hopefully going to involve more tossing baseball, and then celebrating my niece’s 13th birthday. Saturday I’m sure will involve fireworks somewhere, but some quiet will be nice too. The latter part of Sunday I’m going to Indianapolis to see the Indianapolis Indians and Louisville Bats (the Reds’ AAA affiliate) play at Victory Field. Excited to join a few friends, and I’d love to make this group even bigger. Fireworks and baseball! Good times!

Happy 4th!

On edit: after speaking to my dad and older brother directly, the consensus was we parked on Mehring Way probably in the neighborhood of where PBS is or just west of the there. Dad figured he usually spent about $3 on parking in that area (mid to late 1980’s).


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