Re-visiting that subject

This is something I had intentions of re-visiting sooner than later, but later has become the norm lately given my schedule of late. I’ve been really busy, and actually sick most of this week. Not only was I just flat-out exhausted after the weekend, but I caught something like an upper respiratory infection, virus, something. If my doctor had thoroughly checked me like he normally does on Monday I probably could have gotten some antibiotics to knock this thing out quicker, but I was feeling fine at the appointment. Oh well. I seem to be over the worst of it. I just worry a bit since the chemo has my blood counts rather low, my white count especially.

OK, so back to the ‘subject’ in question was re-kindled a couple of weeks ago when the office’s biggest extrovert (and biggest sweetheart) stopped me in the hallway to see how I was doing. The chat I had with her was maybe the longest I have had with a co-worker in a year if not ever. She’s a champion (or maybe was?) for my inspiration in fighting my affliction and motivated by the trips I’ve taken and going to take. She still just simply awed and I think rather confused/baffled how/why/that I went on and going on these trips alone. Why is that so hard to understand? Ever see two/three/four people walk down the street? Ever see how slow they go? It’s the same thing with sharing a travel experience. You can only go as fast as the slowest person, I hate to be slowed down, or for that matter sped up if I’m not ready to go. I need and want my own pace. OK? Ok. She was still sad about it. Whatever.

The next subject that came up though really unnerved me though, and is why I’m here today. She asked if I believed in god. Well, without hesitation I said no. She gave me the old sad ohhhhh….., like if I had told her I had cancer or something. And that’s the point I tried to make when I went public here about my diagnosis and me identifying as atheist at the same time. As I told a few that day; “most are probably more shocked and concerned about my non-religious affiliation than they are about me having terminal cancer”. I think I’ve made it well-known a time or two how I don’t want religion to be a factor in my well-being. It still isn’t, and won’t be affecting my outcome.

I saw the above co-worker today who always stops and talks to me. She didn’t today. Bless her. (on edit, she has taken a moment to talk to me on some recent passings..we’re good) 🙂

Back when I got my first ‘amazing’ scan I received a message on Facebook who I will call a friend of a friend (and by friend, I don’t mean Jesus). She goes on to tell me about how her and her whole church group had been praying for me and was the reason for my amazing news. Is that right? Well, I had nothing short than about a collection of 10 different profanities and an immediate block from the ol’ Fartbook for her. I was livid/disgusted. Why? For one she knew where I stood on this open prayer issue, and second, would she have chimed in if I had received less than good news, that I hadn’t responded to treatment? There was an 80% chance that it was going to be bad news. Would have it been their fault for the bad news as much as it was for the good? This is why I have zero belief if religion/prayer/the devil/anything of deities. It’s all an excuse or a crutch for not taking your own responsibilities.

With that, my next move and motivation that I would like to make public today for as long as many days I will be here my main cause will be for not just in name/organization, but simply for what is; freedom from religion. Not just for me, but for everyone who gets indoctrinated before they are old enough to know better into organized religion. We are all born atheist. I preferred to go return to the simpler, easier way of life instead of the guilt ridden, obligatory, ‘have’ to go to church, bullshit I had to grow up with. It’s child abuse. Are you against child abuse? I’m glad you are because I am too.

Too many wars have been fought and the wars and ‘instability in the Middle East’ are over religion. People in 9/11, Boston, among others died because of religion. Be good to one another, unless they don’t believe in pretty much the same god, oh then you should kill them. Killing is fine then, forget that killing commandment, yo.


And in regards to freedom from religion, I am now a paid supporter of probably certainly the most hated organization in my native home of Franklin County, Indiana, The Freedom From Religion Foundation. All because the good people of the county don’t want to recognize, nor understand, the Establishment Clause of the very constitution they think god wrote, and why they shouldn’t, and cannot, have a nativity scene on the courthouse grounds. This organization fights the good fight everyday to keep the separation of church and state lines clearly drawn, and enforced. By the way, if you have signed me up for your religious newsletter/charity expect the same in return (more $$ for the FFRF). Can’t say I didn’t warn you.

I know what you’re thinking, I can stand high on my soapbox when I feel invincible and have good news to share; that I can say look at me, I don’t need no stinking religion! When my end times are near my perspective will not change, and will not put it in god’s hands, or god’s blame (because I can’t, ha!), but in mine. If things get bad enough for me I will find the dignified way out. I will not suffer anymore. I will die. (by shark, drugs, gravity, etc.)

That’s enough for today as the Reds were rain delayed. They are about to play ball. It’s back to being a kid again, just a less scared/abused one than I remember.


About jeffbedel

Indiana native that moved to Cincinnati in January 2012. Former trivia host, beer snob, foodie, non-conformist.

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