Losing Las Vegas

Though Vegas was the inspiration of the trip and ended up being nearly forgotten; it was still significant enough to warrant its own episode in the blog series.

As I entered Nevada excitedly, my 26th state, the entity reminds you immediately at the border what is on the agenda, gambling. I’ve never had much of any love for gambling, and had little intention of Nevada or Vegas pulling me in. I did notice though that Nevada, at least in the Vegas area, had the smoothest interstate I had ever been on. The mountains also continued and this pleased me.

With my hour loss in the desert I knew I needed to consider skipping Vegas if I wanted any chance at all of making a few stops in the journey later in the day. As I entered the metro area I was trying to decide if I wanted to see the notorious strip, or just simply not get off the interstate. At the last possible exit, I opted to go with the “when in Rome” approach and went in.

I didn’t know where to go exactly, and immediately I got turned around. This mattered because I got stuck in horrible traffic no matter where I went. I finally got pointed in the right direction and got to the strip. I wasn’t sure where it started and how long it was, but I really just wanted to see the famous sign. I drove one way till I finally saw the sign at one end. I turned around, did a sign photo-op drive by (I had nobody behind me somehow at the moment, so I at least was stopped when I took the photo), and began driving to the other end of the strip. More traffic, and people, and traffic; Guh.

Hi and bye!

Hi and bye!

I still kinda wanted to drop $20 while I was there, but I still was focused on getting to the bathroom (still having not stopped after leaving the desert), taking my long overdue meds, drinks, and maybe same gas. When I got to the other end of the strip I found a gas station and took care of said business, except for the gas. I decided to gamble while I was there. The gas price was $2.59 and I opted to pass, figuring it was cheaper on the outside of town. At that point I wanted the hell out of dodge. I had already lost yet another hour (pissed) and just wanted to get on the road.

The Circle K in that mess ahead was my only stop.

The Circle K in that mess ahead was my only stop.

Getting back to the interstate once again you have that fear in the back of your mind (I had less than a half a tank of gas) that you’ll hit a stretch where you won’t see a gas station for miles and you’ll be screwed. So as I got a good little ways out of Vegas and it started to look rather sparse again, a truck stop was ahead and I opted to exit. The place was not only crazy busy which cost me even more time, but the price – $2.79! I reluctantly pumped 10 gallons of gas, and finally got on my merry way.

Mountains in Nevada.

Mountains in Nevada.

So the moral of the story is I gambled in Vegas, and I only lost $2. 🙂


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Indiana native that moved to Cincinnati in January 2012. Former trivia host, beer snob, foodie, non-conformist.

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