So grand

Originally I had planned to go on this trip a week later than I did. I upped it a weekend after settling on having to circle all the way back to Denver instead of going one way to the ocean. I preferred the new schedule because the national parks were free so I was hoping to hit a few more along way. Hoping.

Near Kayenta, AZ

Near Kayenta, AZ

I knew I was getting close when the far east end of the canyon was in my sights before even getting to the next highway to take me to the entrance. And when I say far east end; you really can’t imagine how big this place is until you are actually there. After the fact when I looked at the map I picked up, it’s hard to gather how little I saw after seeing so much. Just unbelievable.

Many will say it, and I will reiterate it, but no postcard, video, etc cannot do justice in comparison to being there. It’s just so vast, and the colors and depth of it will make you take SO MANY pictures, and yet you’ll take even more at next viewing point. It’s still not enough.

I came in on the east end at Desert View/Navajo Point. I’m not sure if was the best viewpoint or just that it was my first. The main entrance is Mather’s Point which I hit last. By time I got there I was either tired or just overwhelmed at that point. Anyhow I will just stick with it was the best viewpoint. One of the things people will point out is the Colorado River which is a far away blue thread in the canyon. In some places it will look white. Those are the very fast rapids that move through the park and that some will even ride on. Crazy. The different perspectives throughout each viewpoint, and even going in the watch tower at this point makes it a little more interesting. All you think about between pictures is “soak it in, soak it in”. You can try, but you can’t.

Desert View

Desert View

Another from Desert View

Another from Desert View

I didn’t look at my map while I was in the park because I recall only being a viewpoint or two along the south rim. I was figuring on stopping at each one, taking a few pics and moving on to save some time. Wrong.

There were several. I lost count actually. But I did stop at each one which took a significant amount of time. Fortunately parking wasn’t too much of an issue at most of them. It was still awesome at each one. You really can’t get enough of this place.




The only reason why I stopped at the main viewpoint was because I figured if it was the big one it had to be the best one, right? And more so because I needed to go to the bathroom before leaving the park. I lost a lot of time at this point, but I’m glad I made all the stops including this one.


Mather’s Point

Another decision was made earlier in the day was canceling my reservation in San Bernardino. I had double booked the evening depending on how my day went. Well for one I likely wasn’t going to have time to drive to the ocean, and the other reason is I wanted to see the sky in the desert at night. Well, I had forgotten when I booked my room in San Bernardino that I was going to be much to close to LA to get away from light pollution. So my quest for the ocean was already nixed. But I hope to make up for that at a later date.

Goodbye, Grand Canyon!


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  1. Hey Jeff! This is Jason. Awesome description and photos of the Grand Canyon. I went there about 20 years ago with my family but didn’t get to see it from all of those different angles. I’d love to go back some day.

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