The Week in Review

Still riding on the wave of the positive news; my past week has been eventful/active, yet with a side of calm. Perhaps the positive news has slowed the panic of time slipping away so fast, and the warmth of baseball season and the blooming of Spring is finally one thing that has been prescribed that doesn’t require a doctor that I needed the most.

Several things worth mentioning the first about some of the changes I had mentioned in a previous post. I do not have neuropathy. Though still a concern from the chemo treatments, neuropathy is numbness, tingling (pins and needles) that could occur in my fingers and/or toes. The shaking and/or unpredictable movements in my fingers currently it turns out is from the steroids I’m given Wednesday through Friday on treatment weeks. That’s normal, and neuropathy is not, so everything is cool with going forward with treatments. In regards to my tired legs that was over-concern as well; the only thing making my legs tired was running around the yard with my nieces and nephew tossing baseball. Really, I’m fine. Haha.

On that note the “Walk This Way” incentive through work that requires doing 400,00 steps over 2 months is well underway and I’m kicking ass. Not only did I scream by the 100,000 mark already this past week; on Friday with the addition of a walk to Covington and back to get my free LaRosa’s pizza I had over 15,000 steps. If that wasn’t impressive enough, Saturday with a walk at the zoo, and another walk to OTR later I tallied up over 18,500 steps! That put me to bed early, and the reason why I’m having coffee (for the first time in months) and writing at 6 in the morning.

zoo blooms

Some of the blooms from my trip to the Cincinnati Zoo.

Part of this wellness incentive required me to get a health screening which given all the labs I have done every week only required me to see my doctor and signing/stamping a form. This sent me on a short visit to my primary doctor (who I highly recommend!) who I hadn’t seen in a couple months. He’s always open to chatting with me on the fly when I visit and was just amazed by my physical appearance, and more so by the recent scan. I think he’s overly optimistic, but he thinks I’ll be completely cured within the year. I think he knows better too, but I think he just feels guilty yet that he had deliver me such grim news 4 months ago. Still, if not for him, and without treatment, I’d likely be dead already.

Easter weekend back home was beautiful and was filled with a warm bonfire, jellybeans, free ham, and a yard filled with family and hidden eggs. Yet again the baseball came out and I got my fill of running around chasing and catching to a welcome exhaustion. With a late night visit with my brother the following Monday was shortened, but well worth it has he and my dad joined me for the Reds’ Opening Day parade. It was both their first visit to the parade, and my 3rd. I’m so glad that came together after talking about it the past couple of years. We had to split unfortunately as I headed to the game, and they headed home, but I was grateful it was one more thing I got to do before it is ‘too late’.

My first Opening Day game, and paying $100, was well worth it’s weight in gold because it even though it rained I had no idea that the seat I purchased was COVERED! With a quick storm rolling through everyone had to leave the seats and crowd into the concourses. Not I. I just continued to sit while everyone else scampered between rain and crowds. Once the 35 minute rain-delay ended the Reds went on to win, and I was still home by 7:30. Success.

Speaking of the Reds (who are 4-1), today I’m already attending my second game of the year. My sister gets free tickets through work a few times a year so her family, my dad and I will be in the ‘good’ seats to hopefully wipe out the Cardinals. It’s going to be a BEE U TEE FULL day!

As this week winds down though now the excitement is building of taking my big trip out west. It’s just starting to hit me that I need to get all my plans and preparations ready. All my bookings are made, but just the little things I have to take care of seem to drive me crazy. I’m still feeling regretful that I didn’t make the trip longer, but it is what it is now. I have been cleared by my doctor to fly and drive excessively since I’m on the blood thinners. Those injections haven’t gotten any easier by the way.

In essence, what I’m trying to say is that 4 months ago I was angry and wasn’t really willing to put in much effort to fight this fight and just throw in the towel. I didn’t feel like it was worth it. Now I want to squeeze out every ounce of life I can, and know it’s possible to get much more than I ever expected. Recently PBS ran a Ken Burns film about cancer, and a piece about the advances in immunotherapy treatments seem very promising. Even though I’m responding well to my current treatments; I can’t be complacent that they will continue to do so. This led me to investigate immunotherapy treatments that are available. Fortunately I found two clinical trials for pancreatic cancer that I applied for eligibility. I may be too advanced in my cancer for it, but it will hopefully be an option if it becomes necessary. I’ve already been contacted by a rep that I need to follow up with. I’ll keep you posted.

Till then, standby for updates from out west!


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