Booked. I’m heading West!

What started as conversation with my dad about visiting Vegas has turned into a trip of vast and fast proportions that may only leave Vegas as an afterthought. Initially I had planned and over planned a trip that flew me into Durango, CO via Denver and sent me one way to San Diego. Well, some serious money and flight logistics back that included a Greyhound trip from Indy to Cincinnati to close it out just didn’t seem fun at all. Plus driving a one-way rental is steeper than the sides of the Grand Canyon. I quickly lost interest and put this off for a number of weeks (I was obsessing over fixing computers instead).

I knew I needed to explore my options again and needed to commit soon. Frontier helped that the other night. They were offering $39 one-way flights and it was a one-day only sale so I had to pull the trigger. Maybe I panicked, but I chose to fly in and out of Denver (in and out of CVG both ways) which left me 6.5 hours further away from my initial destination, but I get to drive through the Rockies. Then I will settle into my first night in Durango.

I also bumped up the trip a week earlier because the weekend of the 18-19th of April the National Parks are free. The first stop will be Mesa Verde (I remember reading about this place in grade school) (Cliff Palace is closed till May :-{ ). A stop in Navajo territory by placing my feet and hands in 4 states at the Four Corners Monument (my only brush with New Mexico). From there my ultimate stop, the Grand Canyon. From there this is where it could get tricky. I hope I have enough time to drive southwest to get a glimpse of London Bridge in Lake Havasu City (I’ve had a strange curiosity for this place since I found out about it years ago), and then to the Joshua Tree National Park (I heard it’s a #1 for many). That’s a big day. I hope to ALSO make it to the ocean then stay in San Bernardino (I already reserved the room which can be easily cancelled as this trip could very well evolve).

The trip goes from silly to insane as I begin my way back to Denver from the Pacific. I’ll pass through the Mojave Preserve, drive through Vegas strip, Utah*, and stay in Glenwood Springs, CO. Then I get up early for the last three hour leg of this daunting high milage journey to the Denver Airport where my flight leaves at 10am!


If you have any do’s or don’ts to suggest please let me know. With that big of a trip in essentially two and a half days I may be on the verge of disaster or completely missing the point of a relaxing vacation. But for me, this is how my brain works. Squeeze it in. Make the most of it.

My sister told me just to have fun. Stay tuned to see how this all may evolve. And I’ll promise pictures if I ever have time to stop. 😉


About jeffbedel

Indiana native that moved to Cincinnati in January 2012. Former trivia host, beer snob, foodie, non-conformist.

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