Looking forward

In case you have this linked I moved the updates to its own tab called “Calendar”.

First of all, thanks everyone for all of the responses yesterday to my post. Comments and likes equals support, and every little bit counts. It is possible to send love via a few keystrokes. So simple.

One of the first things I was advised to do when I had my initial consultation with my (first) oncologist is to make a calendar. It was the utmost importance to place things on this calendar to continue to have things to look forward to. Now I didn’t physically create a calendar, and having things to look forward to has really never been a problem, but I decided this morning I have a lot to look forward to coming up and needed a place to pin it down. I figured why not share and place it here. Then, if anyone would like to join me, whether it be for a treatment or fun you’ll know where to find me.

I’m including my treatment dates. If I’m alone I usually read or nap which is still nice. I slept through an entire treatment once. Also, I’m only allowed one visitor at a time during my treatment. The infusion room is very busy. Just give me a heads up, and I even have parking passes so you don’t have to pay for the garage!

W April 8th – Chemo treatment @3. Plans with Amy following.

Sa April 11- Spring exploration (Zoo with Krissy; maybe Eden Park & more).

Su April 12 – Reds v Cardinals @ GABP. With sister & family.

W April 15th – Chemo treatment @3. Drinking Liberally, Newport KY @7.

FSaSuM April 17-20th – Rocky Mountain/Desert SW/Oceanside vacation!

W April 22nd – Chemo treatment @3.

Th April 23rd – Butterflies after Dark @ Krohn Conservatory. $30. If I have any $ left after vacation.

F April 24th – Reds v Cubs @GABP (ticket purchased already)

SaSu April 25-26th – Morel scouting/hunting, anniversary party, & maybe Indy.

Tu April 28th – Reds v Brewers @GABP (ticket purchased already)

F May 1st – Max’s art opening/reception @ The Aronoff 5-7

Tu May 5th – Wilco @ The Taft Theater

W May 6th – Chemo treatment @3.

FSaSu May 8-10th – Home for Mother’s Day

W May 13th – Chemo treatment @3.

Sa May 16th – River Roots Festival, Madison, IN. Trip to Clifty Falls while there.

W May 20th – Chemo treatment @3. Drinking Liberally, Newport KY @7.

Su May 24th – The Greatest Spectacle in Racing. Live!

FrSaSu – May 29-31st – Niece’s graduation. Dad’s 50th Class reunion. Out of town.

Tu June 2nd – Alabama Shakes in Indy

W June 3rd – Chemo treatment @3.

F June 5th – Bunbury Music Festival (Wussy)

Sa June 6th – Bunbury Music Festival (Kasey Musgraves)

Su June 7th – Bunbury Music Festival. (Reverend Peyton)

W June 10th – Chemo treatment @3.

*Th June 11th – Dawes @ White River State Park, Indianapolis

FSaSu June 12-14th – Most likely weekend to Wisconsin.

*Su June 14th – Dawes @ the Horseshoe Casino

W June 17th – Chemo treatment @3. Drinking Liberally, Newport KY @7.

W July 1st – Chemo treatment @3.

FSaSu July 3-5th – 3 day holiday weekend! Likely going ‘home’. Wanting to catch an Indianapolis Indians v Louisville game on either the 4th or 5th if you want to get a group together.

W July 8th – Chemo treatment @3.

FSaSuM July 10-13th – San Francisco/Portland??

W July 15th – Chemo treatment @3. Drinking Liberally, Newport KY @7.

FSa July 17-18th – Freudenfest, Oldenburg, IN

Su July 19th – Indians v Reds @ GABP

F August 7 –  Tweens, Leggy, Smut, Shark Week @ Fountain Square

TuW August 18/19 – Royals v Reds @ GABP

F August 28 –  Wussy, Pike 27, The Perfect Children, JetLab @ Fountain Square

More birthdays, holidays, treatments, etc…..

W November 18th – My birthday



November 2016 – The next Presidential election!


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