Introvert Oasis

I took a war onto my ailing back last week, and for the most part I seem to be winning. The hardest part of the struggle was finding enough comfort to find sleep. I bought some Tylenol PM which includes a sleep aid of course. The pain relief, given by the non-PM use, part of the drug was useless, but at least I could sleep with the PM dosage. I switched back to the discontinued Doan’s equivalent from the work first aid cabinet, and Aleve. Still, I really liked how well I slept with the sleep aid, so I bought the sleep aid separately. All in all this week solid sleep has been obtained, and my back pain is mostly minimal.

So why the preface about sleep regarding introversion as this post is titled? Well, since I didn’t have to work Saturday morning I opted to stay up watching some TV in hopes of falling asleep and waking naturally as necessary. I did fall asleep naturally at a reasonable hour, but I woke up at 5:30am ready to go. On work days I struggle to roll between 6:30-7am. Anyhow the cafe just down the block didn’t open till 8am and I didn’t want to wait till then to eat and settle in for some coffee and internet. So as I lay in bed I did some searches locally to find a place that was open that served my needs nearby. Nothing – er, well, except Starbucks, was open.

I had told my co-worker just yesterday I won’t spend a dime at Starbucks. Less than 24 hours later I was paying to sit at Starbucks. Double U Tee Eff? Haha.

I got the burnt roast and a pleasant bagel with cream cheese I had been craving for a few days and settled in with my internet connection. What did I notice right away though more so because of my internet research regarding introverts?

It’s too loud.

The music volume, the equipment, the conversation trying to go over both. Even at 7 in the morning on a Saturday? 

I was looking through my notes and couldn’t find my source, but I recall tips about finding quiet spaces to retreat. The library of course was the top of that list. I doubt many public libraries open that early. Too many coffee shops though I think need to be redesigned. Laura Helgoe’s recent book notes about buying something at coffee shops to essentially rent space. Meanwhile I read an article awhile back about coffee shops in London, IIRC, about doing just that. Instead of paying for coffee in a shop, you pay per hour for your space (and then maybe the coffee was free?). A shop I used to frequent had a bottomless coffee option which is essentially the same thing. This is a start, but I have a better idea.

How about putting splitting the coffee shop in two distinct areas? The first, smaller area is the place where you or order and they produce your orders. On the other larger side of the wall via closed doors is nothing but tables and chairs. Not speakers, no places for musicians, a place for total quiet. Not an internet oasis, but an INTROVERT oasis. Recent research has shown that we are most productive at 85 decibels. Instead of trying to choose music or manufacturing a way to produce an 85 decibel environment my simple solution is making a sign/poster that instead relays this information. My guess is that we will use our earphones/buds to produce that productive level ourselves without disturbing the peace.

Maybe this is introvert dream/project that I need to take on. In the meantime I need to find a decibel meter so I can measure the applause in my head. 🙂


About jeffbedel

Indiana native that moved to Cincinnati in January 2012. Former trivia host, beer snob, foodie, non-conformist.

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