Stalling. The great procrastination tactic

I’ve been adorned with a gorgeous Saturday which regardless of the situation is a good thing. Even while being stuck riding the bus today the view was bright and cheery.

But, I’m enjoying it more than I should. Why? I’m moving.

Patience has been a big test since I moved to Cincinnati 2.5 years ago. I knew the day that I moved into my East Side apartment in Oakley it wasn’t for keeps. I went so far knowing this that I practically never unpacked. Still, I collected a lot of crap over the past two years. Between the cleaning, and task of sorting, packing, and hopefully throwing some stuff away it’ll be an easy move.

I always say that.

While I’m outside sitting drinking iced tea, and using an excuse to write, I realize I’m stalling. I’ll do this for the next two weeks and my move will equal to moving mountains, and I’ll put myself in this incredibly difficult position and swear to never put myself through this again.

The good news is that my rare success with patience this go ’round will hopefully keep me from going through with it again.

When I chose my current place from afar (Milwaukee) biking was still my main mode of transportation. I had a number of businesses I liked to frequent there, and I meticulously planned my location here to serve my biking range and routes to get there.

We’ll there were at two things wrong that I could not estimate via Google Maps. One, not so much the geography (hills), but the thoroughfares to get to these places (mostly around Kenwood from Oakley) we’re high traffic areas not conducive to biking. The alternative, the bus, was stupid difficult to go outbound.

Essentially even though I was only 6 miles from downtown I meticulously placed myself practically in the suburbs. I knew from the start I needed to be centralized in the city to survive, but I really thought I wouldn’t be so disadvantaged here because of the infrastructure.

As of this month I’ve been car-free for 10 years. The furthest I lived car-free from city central before I moved to Cincinnati was about 2 miles or less. Placing myself 3 times away from that distance here has been a prison sentence.

I’ve been trying to get out of here for a year and a half to no avail because of numerous setbacks, but mostly because I didn’t want to move until I found the perfect place. Fortunately, my co-workers girlfriend (who has lived here her whole life) told me about a place in downtown central that I could afford. I was hopeful, yet skeptical. I still called though.

The building was full.

I left my number on the voice mail, and that’s it. A month or so passed. I still wanted to look, but I had no idea how long it would be, or ever that they would call. I needed to move, but I didn’t want to settle. I wanted this place.

Yes, they called.

Though a little small, it’s a studio I looked at and accepted, I was in the building. And given that my stability is still curing it was the right move. I figured if and when more money and stability came around if I ever wanted to explore a bigger place I wouldn’t have to root up and throw my stuff on a truck and go across town or worse. I can just simply move it up and down the elevator.

I’ll finally be at home in two weeks.

Granted, as I had mentioned before, I believe ultimately I’ll end up back in my hometown, but I’m talking retirement age years from now. I have a lot of good years yet to live that I’ll need all of those things a bustling city has to offer at my fingertips, and I don’t want any transportation flaw to get in my way. As long as my feet can go a reasonable distance, I’ll be right there!

This is my 100th blog post. And I’m here to report it’s a happy one.


About jeffbedel

Indiana native that moved to Cincinnati in January 2012. Former trivia host, beer snob, foodie, non-conformist.

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