Over the hump

Friday afternoon/evening was a pretty normal night by most standards for me. I left work early for the holiday and joined a group for happy hour. I left pretty drunk a couple of hours later before I went to meet some of my family for a Reds game. What was different? I ran out of beer the night before after drinking, sparingly, the remainder of beer in my fridge. I also brought three waters into the Reds game, didn’t have a single beer, and was able to sit in my seat for the endurance of the game without going to the bathroom.

I went home with my family that night without beer, and went through the entire Memorial Day weekend without beer.

I made a decision a week or so before I wanted to go lo-carb to lose weight. Buying yet bigger pants was too much, and I knew beer had to be part of the recipe for success. Yeah, I realize I could drink bourbon, but it was time for a break after a very tumultuous Winter/Spring.

Another reason why it was easy I was bored with choosing beer. I also realized I was using beer as revenge; where it was hurting me more than I was hurting the beer that came before it. This made me happy that I was making the turn I more than just needed, but wanted.

What I wasn’t expecting is a phone call I received this week. I’ve been stagnant with living in Cincinnati more because of my location more than anything. I’ve been holding out for the perfect place and spot, and the building that was full that I wanted had an opening. It’s a little small, but I said yes. After holding my breath awaiting the application to pass I found out I got it on Friday!

Yes, I’m moving to downtown Cincinnati finally. The Central Business District. 10 minutes from work. No fighting the busses every morning and evening. A workout room in the building. A rooftop deck. A stones throw from the Reds, friends, and endless activities.

Moving is still going to be stressful, but I’ve been through much more difficult transitions. I really hope this is the piece of security I’ve been waiting for.

I expect to drink at my hometown festival, and maybe work at a wine/ craft beer store downstairs from me. I just need to see what kind of changes I can make in about a month and a half.

I think smiling will raise bar more than anything, and I have many reasons these days to do so. 🙂



About jeffbedel

Indiana native that moved to Cincinnati in January 2012. Former trivia host, beer snob, foodie, non-conformist.

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