Springing back

This past winter has been a long journey, and it seems instead heading into a collision course as I had mentioned previous it feels like may come out it mostly intact. The biggest problem I face right is the proverbial stack of things I have put off during this time. my apartment is atrocious, my minor projects are now major/serious problems, and my weight is out of control. Basically that doesn’t sound so good, but the first step is realization and taking steps to prioritize and start knocking them out.

The basics of my new ‘after 40’ life is essentially the equivalent of not just rehabbing a house I’ve never owned, but having to build a new one from the foundation up while paying for the old one. The new growth, and learning in the past few months is going to give me a better life with I suppose my seemingly new motto of ‘less is more’. Learning and accepting I’m an introvert/INFJ will allow me to draw my borders on my own terms, and allow me and not anyone else to control my happiness and future. It’s more important to bring them along, and give them a framework of what they’re dealing with; because we’re/I’m a complicated, BUT valuable individual as an employee, friend, and mate.

Back to my basic problems I need clean slates always. The apartment in my terms is at the end of its life, which means it’s time to move. I’ve decided where I want to live, but the building is currently full. I’m not sure how long the waiting list is, but I’ll deal till I get to that point. The minor projects to major problems is more about cornering some financial things to free up some other luxuries (such as moving downtown), and traveling more. The ‘weighty’ issue is finding a few friends to go walk and/or exercise with. Since I’ve taken biking out of the equation it’s left me in a terrible position. I’d still rather be a safer position away from the bullets on wheels and fat than dead. Finally I hope to take a introverted approach in securing my job for long term. I’m going to slice and dice by way through the written word (instead of assertively) to not only get hired ‘full-time’, but adapt my workplace to be more productive and happy.

The final, and sometime later, piece of the puzzle is still trying to find a scientific way to approach dating either by MBTI type, or other means to secure what has been seemingly doomed objective.

Either way I’m recovering, er, springing back! Speaking of which I need to get off this couch.



About jeffbedel

Indiana native that moved to Cincinnati in January 2012. Former trivia host, beer snob, foodie, non-conformist.

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