2013. The year of the do over

In the first post of the new year (which has moved ever so swiftly already) I’m cautiously optimistic with excitement that all of those things I had to miss last year because of my economic woes will not be missed this year. The first event that comes to mind is Bock Fest in March. Bock Fest was truly one of the events that tipped me towards moving sooner than later to Cincinnati, then once it got here all I could afford was a bike ride to the parade. Unfortunately a storm front rolled in that produced a super outbreak of tornadoes so I opted to stay home for that as well. Sad. The list of things is actually long forgotten at the moment. It was a difficult, but good year. That’s what is important.

Last night after a hectic, but productive day at work I was ready to take Friday night on. Alas, after walking 25 miles this week my body said ‘yeah right’, and I shut down for a three hour nap. It’s cool though. My friend Dave invited me out for karaoke (one of those things I couldn’t afford to do last year) last night which in turn led me to Northside to a bar called Mayday. I was a tad bit reluctant to go there, but it’s one of the best bars I’ve been to in Cincinnati. They have a great beer selection (had Blank Slate’s Fume, and Anchor’s Humming Ale), and have late night food. Dave had mentioned gourmet hot dogs which again I was like, meh, but once I saw the simple, but salivating, menu I was stoked. I won’t go into great detail about my El Ricardo dog, but it came with  friend egg on top. Perfect for a 1AM treat with a beer. Mayday also had a great atmosphere, good music in the bar, and live music in the next room. A good portion of the patrons were huddled by the bonfire on the big patio out back. If anyone from out of town visits in the future, my suggestion of where we go has been solidified.

I’ve also rejoined Packers Nation given I found friends/fans and a bar that Packers fans call home. Without that part of the equation being a Packers fan from home wasn’t the same. It’s good to be back, and looking forward to a big win tonight and hopefully a couple more games to follow in the next few weeks.

This year will mark my ninth year without a car, and one thing that I was concerned about CHOOSING that lifestyle is the stigma that comes with it. My choice to go car-free was primarily about two things; saving money, and getting more exercise. Two noble and responsible things, right? Right? Riiiiiiggghhhtttt….. A local blogger made a post that re-awakened my concern about the stigma by putting it so well by stating:

If a grown man is riding a bicycle, it must be because he was damaged in some way — maybe he had too many DUIs and lost his drivers license. It was impossible for the public to believe that a responsible adult would CHOOSE to ride a bicycle as his/her main form of transportation.

I was well aware of this stigma, but had long brushed it off because really I don’t care how closed-minded people think. Long ago I had mentioned on a dating site that if not having a car is a deal breaker, then thank you very much for letting me know ahead of time that you’re a close-minded bitch. A couple weeks ago I had a really good conversation with a woman from a dating site and I know me mentioning my car-free lifestyle made her go silent following the call. Again that makes me rather angry, but thankful as well because it proves that if she wasn’t aware of that by reading my profile. If I’m interested in meeting you, I’m going by substance, not style. I expect the same in return. By the way, in most dating ads women state that they have a car and expect the same. Usually the title of their ads is something like ‘where are all the good guys?’. If you’re looking for a status symbol, well, you’re not going to find the good guys.


About jeffbedel

Indiana native that moved to Cincinnati in January 2012. Former trivia host, beer snob, foodie, non-conformist.

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