As we grow…

I had to put my last blog post, which was well over a month ago, in the next tab over because so much was going on then, but so much more has happened since. Fortunately all good.

I’ve been caught up in a number of life changes that have come about in the past month. The first of those is I did start that new job, my first in the banking industry, and it finally gave me enough to money to give me that cushion to finally spread my wings in Cincinnati. Before I was even two weeks in I made a much overdue return to Indianapolis for Tonic Ball. I got to drive there, drink on an empty stomach, wag my tail like a dog, renew my love for music, eat in my old neighborhood, and even got kissed by Nora. My friend Mike was even celebrating the eve of buying a local music venue in that neighborhood. Looking forward to more frequent trips to Indy in the coming year.

Being back in Indy after five years after leaving there in a rage of tears in February ’08 made me wonder if I was giving Milwaukee the same cold treatment I did when I left Indy. Now granted I don’t handle abandonment well in any case, but I realize I process things very differently because of some mental defect I must have. Time heals most wounds, and my homecoming in Indy was phenomenal, but Indy is quite accessible, whereas Milwaukee is a haul. In five years will I feel differently about making a return there? Yeah, I’d say so. Like they say, time will tell. šŸ™‚

In regards to election I only have this to say. The only thing the news has talked about since the election is Black Friday, and the fiscal cliff. Yes, Black Friday came and went, but the only thing that could stop the media from talking about gloom and doom was REAL gloom and doom. TWENTY (20) 1st graders had to die for the media to stop talking about the Fiscal Cliff. I was sitting at work in the cafeteria yesterday when I read the news on Facebook. It made me realize that at every moment of the day, somebody on the wrong day could just simply go off and kill me, you, or another loved one in our lives. It could be isolated one or two people, and it’ll be a blip on the news to add to the 1200+ gun related homicides we have in this country every year, or a no longer RARE (as the media calls it) mass shooting we seem to be experiencing all to often. At first when I was reading my news feed I thought folks were still referencing to the Portland mall shooting. Fuck no, it was about 26 people in a school getting mowed down on a Friday morning while probably learning how to use scissors. Our congress can’t even get their head out of their asses in the morning; how are we supposed to get killing machines out of the hands of our ‘free society’? We will not be free until we only have guns that our forefathers had that will give you a few minutes to reload your musket before pulling the trigger again.

OK, that wasn’t in my blog plan as I collected my thoughts during the week, but hey I wasn’t expecting to hear about that in the news this week either.

On a much lighter note, I have so much to celebrate this year. I’m living in one of the two cities I longed for when growing up (Indy being the other), I have nieces and nephews who curl up next to me when I visit home, and what I was most grateful for was my parents sacrificing a lot this year to make that possible while trying to get my shit together this year. I’ve lost track of how many trips they made to and from Cincinnati so I could celebrate the point I’ve reached today. Fortunately for them I’ve got at least my transportation freedom back, as I got my Zipcar membership reinstated. I’ll be ‘zipping’ to my niece’s birthday party tonight, and then home for Christmas. My plan is to ‘zip’ once a month. It’s good to have that again.

The most important installment of making my move here is to make new friends. That is the hardest thing not because I have difficulty making friends, but because of friend retention. I’ve made a lot of friends in three big chapters of my life (Purdue, Indy, & Milwaukee), but I’ve lost many of them along the way usually because of being so nomadic (and perhaps at times inflammatory, sorry). This new and hopefully final chapter in Cincinnati certainly has a different outlook, as I want to cultivate those relationships differently and with more care. I’ve met two groups here thus far one being a group with interests in preserving the deep, but fragile, history of Cincinnati, and the other being a cycling group. The most ironic, and greatest, connection I’ve made recently is a couple I met on one of the holiday rides this month. In short, they both moved to Milwaukee shortly after I did and actually attended one of my trivia shows at Vintage. Shortly after I moved to Cincinnati they followed as well. I’ve really enjoyed their company, and it certainly shines a little light on what’s been a dark trek in the past year of living here. It blows my mind how some things happen. šŸ™‚

That connection is going to help catapult me back into the music scene that I pledged to return to a few months ago. One other thing I pledged at the same time has already been a success; walking more. My job is ever so conveniently located 2 miles from home in which has forced me to walk there and back home. Along with putting the bike aside (I did hit 3,00o miles last wekend) I’ve been walking to do most of my errands too. The week after Thanksgiving I walked around 40 miles, and this week a more subtle 30. In all I estimate I’ve walked 100 miles (and biked 150) since starting my new job. I’m starting to feel the results, but I tell you on days I barely have the energy to walk home, and the end of the day usually meets me with crashing on the couch. Sleep has been a commodity after being able to sleep in for the better of the past three years. Weird to wake up at 5:30 this morning ready to go. I had some goetta while ‘champing at the bit’ for the coffee shop to open.

I mentioned goetta as a segway to one last point of order. After the term/word ‘goettafabulous’ was presented/originated in my brain I made it not only my Twitter handle but official ID in many ways. After a conversation with a date I had last weekend she made me realize I had forgotten to secure the most important thing of all in these times; a web domain! Well, after learning I could reserve it for $1 last night, it was done. This site will likely become ‘’. Even though goetta is hard to spell for some, in Cincinnati I feel most will be able to figure it as opposed to spelling my last name. Here’s to living and promoting the goetta fabulous lifestyle!

Thanks for reading, and enjoy your holidays in whichever way you do. Our traditions, values, and beliefs may differ; but our need for love is universal. As we grow, let’s make that need on top of all of our lists before anything else. Peace out.


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Indiana native that moved to Cincinnati in January 2012. Former trivia host, beer snob, foodie, non-conformist.

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