A transitional week (and grocery Tetris episode)

Its been an exciting, yet trying week. Lots of ups and downs, and A LOT of anxiety.

First off I reached the last straw with my current employer last week. I didn’t quit, but it was enough to get the ball rolling towards a new job. It didn’t take long to find something new. After dealing with the complexities of trying to find employment in Wisconsin, then trying to find employment in Ohio when I moved here, I was pretty much instantly hired for a job. I consulted with an agency last Friday afternoon, and less than one business later I was hired after an amazing interview. I’m STILL at my current job through at least this Monday. I’m waiting for my background check to clear. They tell me it takes Indiana REALLY long to process it. Probably because it’s a RED state. Oh Snap!

Which leads me to other part of my anxiety; election anxiety. Despite having all kinds of trust in Nate Silver’s aggregate polling at fivethirtyeight,com I’m always nervous at election time. When you see dumbasses/criminals elected, then re-elected (ala 43 & Scottie Wanker) you know that anything can and will go wrong. SO glad that President Obama was re-elected. I can understand if you’re a multi-m/billionaire that you’re pissed. But if your not one of those, you need to do some reading. There’s an entire internet at your disposal if you need some info.

Election night led to a debacle at work, and election night also led to an unhealthy amount of caffeine (cycles) that led to my awesome sleep pattern being interrupted. Maybe a good thing since two mornings this past week I went for a four mile walk. It’s very refreshing and I enjoy the walks before/while the sun comes up. The Hyde Park neighborhood is gorgeous I tell ya.

So being off today gave me an opportunity to sleep in, and hopefully correct my spiraling sleep cycle. I woke up well after sunrise thankfully (9:30ish), and took it easy till around noon. With the 60+ degree temperatures predicted I knew I had to get out on a bike ride. Time is a wasting, and as of this morning I needed 198 miles to reach 3,000 this year. Not really worried, but with my job transition, and my want/need to walk more, I simply want to put the bike away. The thought of death everyday on my bike is getting to me. So originally I wanted to go to Loveland (easy/quick 40 mile ride), but I went there the past two weekends. Instead I decided to go for a ride I had been neglecting all season.

There is a pizza shop and candy shop in Bellevue, KY I’ve had my eye on.  Round trip though it was only about 20 miles. I needed more. So I opted to go further east of Bellevue on the highway that runs parellel to the Ohio River. It was only two lane, but just like the last time I biked a rural highway in Kentucky, the motorists were respectful to me. Why? Probably as easy as putting up multiple “Share the Road” signs. They are at least every mile or two. Despite even a narrow, curvy highway, I felt quite safe. Thanks neighbors.

I stopped at the candy shop on the way back. It’s called Schneider’s Sweet Shop. The significance (other than being a locally owned historic homemade candy shop) is I’m a quarter Schneider. My mom’s mom was a Schneider. Yes, it’s a very common name for a heavy German-American population, but there just might be a link in there somewheres. Anyhow, I wanted to try some opera cremes, and a few other samples there. The cremes were ok, but the buckeyes were picture perfect (and tasty), AND the chocolate covered Oreo’s. Holy $%^T! A hard shelled chocolate covered Oreo. Really. Damn. OK. I skipped the pizza at Pasquale’s, because I wasn’t in the mood for pizza, and another restaurant has piqued my interest on my route, Allyn’s Cafe. They had Great Lakes Christmas Ale on tap, which in my opinion could sit in the damn cooler for another month, and have a great cajun menu. I wanted to try the beer before it disappeared, and the patron down the way was feeding on a bowl of jambalaya. Bonus, for $5.50, I had to have it. The beer was, well, ok, but that jambalaya was outstanding. Service and atmosphere was good, and had a couple of good conversations with patrons. Overall, I will be back.

After 42 miles I took a brief break, but finally needed a serious amount of groceries AND beer. Off with my bike and backpack I went.

I posted awhile back on Facebook on how I go grocery shopping, and how I put a ridiculous amount of stuff in my backpack. Tonight was actually an entertainment (back)packed experience for those at/near the self checkout at Kroger. In my haste I forgot my receipt, so I might omit something:

12 BOTTLES (box intact) of Moerlein Vienna Lager

1/2 gallon of chocolate milk

1 lb. of butter

2 cans (12oz.) of peanuts

(2) 1.5 oz. of Unreal/Unjunked candy. Anyone heard of this/these?

1 box (3 packs) of microwave popcorn

16 Kraft American Singles

2 microwave pizzas

AND a dozen jumbo eggs that all got home unscathed!!

Meanwhile several people were watching me, including the 5/3 teller’s, trying over and over again to get this stuff to fit, AND get the zippers to close. I almost gave up, but I SUCCEEDED!

In the end I went 44 miles today, and I only need 154 miles to hit the 3,000 mile mark. That equates to averaging less than 3 miles a day for the rest of the year. I’ll probably hit it before December.

One last thing, I’m most likely going to be in Indianapolis for Tonic Ball next week. I reserved a Zipcar today, but I’m still waiting for one final card (the job) to fall before going. In regards to the photo archive I mentioned a few weeks ago, I’ll probably work on that this weekend. That is if the Mustard Club doesn’t derail my entire day. Peace out. 😀


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Indiana native that moved to Cincinnati in January 2012. Former trivia host, beer snob, foodie, non-conformist.

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