A really good day

It’s funny how if you find the right perspective at the right time you can mange to take a very awful day/week and turn it around to something positive. I came out of last weekend DREADING the past week, and despite it’s difficulty it really wasn’t that bad. It was mostly about the weather from the, far from horrible in comparison, effects of the SUPERSTORM. At my job, though I’m only required to patrol every 30 minutes or so, I usually spend 90% of my time outside. I feel like to actually bring the difficulty of my job to a ONE on a 10 scale I should watch over the cars MOST of the time. Crooks know when you’re not looking. The only time I nearly had a break-in is when I turned my back for a matter of 20 seconds. I’ve gone above and beyond at my job for the most part, but my employer can’t even give me the courtesy of returning my call, dealing with issues, or fulfill my few requests.

I accepted my recent job out of need for stability and flexibility. Driving around a pedicab was fun, but I didn’t know from night to night what I was going to bring home, and that wasn’t doing well for my need of some minimal type of structure. The job pays peanuts, so I only eat six ounces of peanuts a day while there for over 9 hours. I’ve dealt with the 2nd hottest summer on record, and now with the cold setting in and my supervisor being fucking invisible, I’m done.

That breaking point actually has evolved from my since fired co-worker who couldn’t even manage to ‘do nothing’ well. I’ve been job searching, and found a great response from all places a temp agency downtown. After doing all of their tests that they sent me I finally got to meet them today. They were as awesome in person as they were on the phone. Genuine, helpful, and no bullshit. My kind of people. All I had to do was bring my sense of wonder and rare burst of confidence, and I had an interview secured in no time. Oh, my suit (which I bought in like 1993) always brings me the goods. Interview on Monday, bitches!

Also, after chowing down in my mostly depressed state in the past week or so, I got motivated in my middle of the night insomniac session to start walking again. I’m not sure why year after year I think biking is the only exercise I need despite not keeping the weight off. Pretty sure I could bike 10,000 miles in a year and I won’t lose no more than 5 pounds (to only gain it back). I want to reach the 3,000 milestone this year, but I tell you, THAT’S IT! Hopefully if all goes well I’ll be living and working downtown next year, and I can leave the biking to recreational use only.

On that note, the job is sending me two miles in the OPPOSITE direction of downtown. D’oh! There’s my daily walking to and fro I suppose. 🙂

OH, I did walk this morning. There was a ‘deli’ I found next door to a bike shop in Hyde Park the last time I needed a new tire. I also remembered it last night for some unknown reason, and decided to visit it this morning. I walked a 5 mile loop that made Carl’s Deli a stop at mile 4. Whoa! 30 some different sandwich combinations with local breads, and homemade soups. Splashed it down with some gourmet coffee and I was rockin’ Friendly folks running the place too. Turns out it’s an old Pony Keg. You’ll have to look that up if you’re not from around here.

Lastly I just couldn’t wait any longer to visit another Hyde Park mainstay, Arthur’s. They recently switched ALL of the taps to only serve Cincinnati craft beer (plus a locally brewed cider)! That with their burger madness special, and I was sold to check tis place out. I also walked there and back which gave me at least 7 miles of walking today. After reading a Christian Moerlein biography this past week I had to make their Rye-ot my first selection. It was superb. I had the Rivertown Roebling vanilla espresso imperial robust porter which given the name and the over everything was well, in the nicest way the perfect dessert. Ah well. The burger looked small, but it was thick and juicy. Smothered in my choice of swiss, carmelized onions, and sautéed mushrooms it was the yumms. Great fries on the side too.

Currently, and usually the only time I post, I’m drinking some Christian Moerlein Barbarossa. It’s a style of beer they produced back in the golden age of brewing before prohibition. After a drinking an acceptable (but exorbitant amount) local beer, the Hudepohl Amber Lager, for so long the seasons have changed to quaff a different beer. I’m very happy to bring this beer into my humble home this evening, and ramble on about a wonderful day I’ve had. Only a few short days before I start making plans to visit Indianapolis, if all goes well, for Tonic Ball on November 16th. Can’t wait to see most of your faces. 😀

OK, that’s it. This post might be FB worthy. Comment there if your are/not coming from there. Prosit.


About jeffbedel

Indiana native that moved to Cincinnati in January 2012. Former trivia host, beer snob, foodie, non-conformist.

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