6 months in Cincinnati

I wrote this one week ago today. It haunted me from the moment I couldn’t find away to wrap up or end the post correctly. I knew it couldn’t end. I knew I couldn’t play with fire (someone from out of town). I made it right this week, even if it was the wrong way. Yesterday I took those pictures of flying pigs like I had wanted to last week, I barhopped in the neighborhood I want to move too, and I celebrated the team (Reds) in the city I want to love. A friend told me to never marry Cincinnati. It’s the only relationship I know right now that isn’t going anywhere.

So here’s my reality check to reaffirm my love for the Queen City of the West.

Yesterday passed me by quickly.

I just looked at the calendar and realized yesterday marked my 6 month anniversary of moving to Cincinnati. I’ve been wanting to just stop and write for the past month, but after several months basically being paralyzed in fear of how I was going to make it one day, one week, and one month to the next I’m pretty close to making it.

This weekend was one I was looking forward to for about a month. Once I finally turned the corner my weekend were all closed to up to finally celebrate some niece and nephew birthdays that I had missed while I was in Milwaukee, and go to the all important Freudenfest. To any one reading this who was there. It was my time and place to let go. I feel kinda of embarrassed of some of my actions. But by golly what I had gone through lately I deserved it. *fist bump high five low fives elbow* 😉

This weekend took an unexpected turn though, but a good one. I was going to bike and take more pictures of flying pigs around Cincinnati, visit Washington Park, and who knows what else, but I had some unexpected company instead. It’s been a stellar surprise.

My visit to Milwaukee has been postponed several times, but with a bit more certainty, and even better logistics a visit  should occur by October. Yes, this is after previously saying April, June, maybe August, but perhaps September. I’ll get back there, I promise. Hopefully happier and still thinner.

After working a multitude of jobs to survive I have finally settled perhaps on one. It’s a security job. It doesn’t pay great, but it’s STABLE. The hours are nice. I work 9.5 hours a day Monday – Thursday which allows me a three day weekend, every weekend. It’s flexible, and there is overtime available if I need it.  Kinda the perfect job for someone who needs a short leash.

The only problem is I’m out there by myself mostly all day with no entertainment. Just me and my thoughts.


About jeffbedel

Indiana native that moved to Cincinnati in January 2012. Former trivia host, beer snob, foodie, non-conformist.

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